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Massive headaches, nausea after touching certain metals.

Hello, I have been having a very strange problem for quite some time now. There are some metals that even with the slightest contact (could be a split second accidental brush up against something), I immediately start experiencing a very severe headache and metallic taste in my mouth along with nausea and bloating. My heart rate rises as well and at times I get random pains throughout my body but not as sever as my headaches which are like a 10 at times. It seemed to start going away for a few months but now it has returned. Not every metal object effects me, but all the same everything items effect me in the same way every time. Its getting to be very life changing as I get hindered to be in contact with a lot of things. Wearing gloves do help but I cant do that all the time. I have seen a doctor a couple of times but there doesn't seem to be any answer and I don't think I am being taken very seriously as it is something that seems unheard of and any meds prescribed don't help. I have had a couple of blood tests done and the results came back just fine with finding nothing wrong with my blood. this is getting very bad again and giving me some anxiety when I normally never have anxiety issues. No matter how great I feel mentally, If i touch the wrong thing even in the slightest, my whole day is practically ruined. It went down to a very manageable level for a while though it never left me but now it has returned to it's worst point I was at before.

There is not anything I can find on this issue and it doesn't seem to be an allergy as I don't get any rashes that is present with metal allergies but it seems to be attacking my nervous system. I just wonder if any one around here has ever had or have heard of any such thing that can shed lite on this. Thanks in advance.  
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Which metals elicit these symptoms? A severe form of nickel allergy called systemic nickel allergy syndrome can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Consider seeing an allergist for further workup and treatment.

Source: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/17842-nickel-allergy
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I think you should wear gloves more often if it helps. It’s not worth the symptoms to worry what other people think.
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