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Numb hands, shoulder/neck pain. Steroids help?

I was in a motor vehicle accident and flipped in a truck down a hillside.

I damaged my shoulders, ribs, chest, neck, back, all from whip lash and torn muscles. I was in a back brace for 14months. I still do Physio, deep tissue, Chiro, Accupuncture, and counselling.

It's been over 3 years. My Physiotherapist tells me I have TOS. Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome except from the neck which causes my fingers and hands to be numb EVERY single day. Its always the worst at night when I have to sleep and there is no blood flow.

Anyways, I've tried every treatment under the sun and considering doing a cycle of anabolic steroids because I'm so sick and tired of this chronic pain, chronic numbness, and chronic fatigue in my upper body.

I'm 6'2 228lbs. I have worked labour jobs my whole life. Eat extremely healthy. And work out at the gym 3 days a week.

I asked my doctor for steroids, he gave me Litocaine injections instead which only left me pain free for 4 days.

Will steroids make this condition better? Im probably going to purchase them this summer and inject a small cycle for 10 weeks and see if it improves my quality of life.

Does anyone have info on this? Is it a good or bad idea?

Thank you!

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