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Pain Waves followed by Hot Flash

I’ve been trying to find a group like this to see if anyone else experiences the type of Pain Waves I get in the evening and at night.
The Pain Waves originate in the kidney area of my back, not on the spine, on either side of it. They gradually increase in intensity, gradually spread throughout my body, last for 1 to 2 minutes, before fading and being immediately followed by a hot flash (pretty much the only time I get hot flashes). Pain intensity at the peak is what I use to measure whether each thing I try in order to eliminate this symptom is working. Peaks have varied from 9’s (on a scale of 1-10) to 3’s.
Since I usually only experience these in the evening and at night (about a dozen times a day), it could be due to having food in my digestive tract (I only eat one meal a day in the early evening; pain waves begin immediately after that), or it could be that I’m lying down, relaxing, moving around less. I get pain in that area during the day, too, on bad days – occasionally in “waves,” but usually just a constant dull ache. Dr. calls it Thoracic or Flank pain.
Cold weather seems to make it worse. If I’ve been holding still for a long time  (especially sleeping) the pain waves are more intense. I’ve been able to bring the 9’s down to no more than 5’s or 6’s by eliminating foods I’m allergic to from my diet, weather warming up, taking muscle relaxants, and moving around more in the evening.
Changing my body chemistry (any new prescription) makes them go away (!) but only for a day or two. Swimming helps, but that’s the only exercise I can do – and only available in the summer.
I've gotten pretty darn good at forcing my brain to pay attention to things other than pain most of the time, but these Pain Waves sneak up on me and wrench my brain back from whatever distraction I had been using.
I’ve had renal ultrasounds, urine & blood tests, even an oxymeter test, checked gall bladder; nothing shows up that would cause these Pain Waves.
This symptom presents in such a unique way, I feel there must be an explanation, but it has my doctor stumped. Years of extensive journaling to identify what affects it have only helped a little.
Anyone else experiencing something like this?
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