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Severe fatigue messing with vision

Im a 30 yr old female. So for about the last month I have had, what I'd call severe fatigue. I will get at least 8 hours of sleep a night but yet I feel like i have NO strength to get up and move and I literally can not keep my eyes open. When I try to force my eyes open, I open them wife and I then start seeing, double vision I guess you could say. I feel like my eyes are crossing also when I try to force my eyes open wife to stay awake. Someone will be in the middle of talking to me and my eyes are closing! It's so embarrassing. I'm afraid they think I'm rude. For instance, last night I went to bed at 10om woke up at 630am. Went to work until 3pm, went straight home and took a nap from 330pm until 630pm and it's now 1030pm and after writing this, I'm going back to bed. This has become a routine thing for me now. I'm afraid it's going to affect my job. My boss will be speaking with me and my eyes are closing! I'm also afaid to drive because I'm doing the same thing driving. I found myself at a stop light and my eyes closing and foot coming off the brake. I've never been like this! Of course, I've used Google and looked up my symptoms. According to that, I have chronic fatigue syndrome or MS. I've had no family hx of MS. I do have lumbar stenosis, degenerative disc disease and arthritis around my spine and fighting insurance to approve a spine stimulator. My pain medication has not been changed in over a year so I don't believe it's that. Should I go to the doctor? FYI: I had routine blood work done 3 months ago and my thyroid levels, B12 levels and hemoglobin/iron levels were all good. I was not having these issues then, again it's only been the last month. Should I go back and gave my MD check again or will she think I'm crazy?!?!
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If you took anything with B12 within 4 months prior to testing the results will test higher than they are.
B12 must be above 500, closer to 1,000 is better.

Hemoglobin can be fine, but ferritin (iron storage) can still be low.

Low Vitamin D will cause symptoms
Level needs to be at least 50ng/mL

The body needs magnesium and you will have symptoms if you don't have enough. The body uses it throughout the day.

Your doctor works for you. They aren't doing you a favor. Testing you shouldn't be an issue.
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