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Some things that helped me - Part 2

HT2 is where your thyroid gland produces an amount of hormone in the "normal" range but your body needs more.  There is no blood test for this.  I came across a radio interview in MP3 format that Dr. Starr did.  I listened and I knew I had found a huge piece of the puzzle.  Most of my symptoms which I thought were for CFS and FM mirrored almost exactly the symptoms for hypothyroidism.  

Dr. Starr says to check if you have a low basal temperature and/or myxedema combined with any other symptom (e.g. fatigue, pain, brain fog).  If you have those, according to Dr. Starr you could be HT2.  I have always been cold.  I took my basal temperature anyway and I was in the 96's.  I also had myxedema.  I'll explain how to check both shortly.  Dr. Starr said that his patients that took iodine for four weeks and then began taking desiccated thyroid had most of their symptoms resolve or get much better.  In early 2011, I ordered both off of Amazon and started taking iodine as soon as it arrived.  According to Dr. Starr, skipping the iodine can cause permanent damage to the adrenal glands due to adrenal burnout.  Then I started taking the desiccated thyroid.  That was in February of 2011.  Wow, within a day I knew I was on to something because all of my symptoms moved.  I felt different.  I had terrible cravings for the iodine (according to wikipedia, iodine deficiency is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation.  I'm not kidding.  It's in the first or second paragraph.)  After two weeks of 50 drops a day my cravings subsided.  During the first two weeks of taking thyroid I would have terrible attacks of the sleepies.  I would sleep hard for four or five hours but, and this is a big but, I would wake up somewhat refreshed.  I was a little freaked out by how hard I would go down.  I mean I was like a drugged elephant.  Eventually I seemed to "catch up" with my rest.  Also, my pain started to decrease.  It's like waking up from a nightmare.  After 10 months I can report that I have much more energy and much less pain.  Life is pretty good now!  All of my symptoms have greatly improved.  I'm not 100% but I'm not struggling through each day anymore.

I know now that I never had CFS or FM.  I have always been HT2.  Dr. Starr says it's hereditary and usually passed on by the mother.  I look at my mom and I can see she has a mild case of it.  Same with my wife.  Her mom is HT1 and my wife tests at the low end of the "normal" range.  She started taking iodine and desiccated thyroid and had improvement.

Dr. Starr explains how to take your basal (resting) temperature.  First thing in the morning put an old-school glass thermometer in your underarm for 10 minutes.  The digital ones are too inaccurate.  More than one degree below 98.6f could mean that your HT2.  Men and post-menopausal woman can take their temperature any day.  Pre-menopausal women can take their temperature only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days of bleeding.  Dr. Starr recommends shaking down the thermometer over something soft like your bed so that when you drop it it doesn't shatter on the tile floor.  BTW, if you sleep with tons of blankets and cloths, you'll need to take off everything but what a normal person would wear about an hour or two before taking your temperature.

Myxedema is a thickening of the skin.  Pinch the skin on the back of your hand.  Notice how thin it is.  Now pinch the skin on your underarm slightly to the outside.  If it's thick that's myxedema.  Before I started taking desiccated thyroid my skin was thick on my underarm.  Now, after 10 months, it's much more like the skin on the back of my hand.

Here are links to the radio interview with Dr. Starr.  I apologize for referencing another web site.

3) Diet. It turns out I have strong food allergies to dairy, gluten and weak/mild food allergies to potatoes, coffee, tea and a few other foods.  According to Dr. Starr most people with HT2 are dairy and gluten intolerant.  In 2009, almost two years before taking thyroid, I discovered my dairy and gluten allergies on my own.  Long story but suffice it to say that when I stopped eating cheese, ice-cream, bread, crackers and everything else except meat, fruit and veggies I felt much better.  Many of my intestinal troubles subsided.  It's hard at first but since I felt better I got used to it.

There were two other pieces to the puzzle which I will discuss below.  It took me months and months to wean myself off of the foods I loved but to which I was allergic.  Cheese and hot tea were the hardest.  I started to treat breakfast like dinner.  I found a good rice bread substitute.  It's in the freezer of the health food section of Krogers (our big grocery store chain).  It took about a week for my insides to calm down after totally stopping dairy.  I tried to cheat with digestive enzymes and lactose-free stuff.  No good.  After being good for several months I can have pizza about once a month and hot tea or coffee about once or twice a week with problems.  If I go more than that I start to get troubles again (gas, bloating, pain, loose stool).

I also had to give up sugar and artificial sweeteners.  No fruit juice.  No alcohol.  I drink spring water as much as possible (no fluoride).  Iodine displaces fluoride and now I can taste the fluoride in the tap water.  Yuck, tiggers don't like fluoride.

4) Liver and gall stones.  I always had intestinal pain even when I didn't eat.  I could not figure it out.  One day my searches revealed how to do a "liver flush."  I found it on the CureZone website.  Curezone has a bunch of forums for all kinds of conditions.  I was able to do massive amounts of research by reading about the things people tried with symptoms similar to mine.  When I read about liver flushing something clicked.  This was after I had started to submit to God and I'm sure it was His grace that gave me the desire to go through with it.  I did my first flush and I was stunned at what came out.  Hundreds of small stones the size of the head of a pin and smaller.  Also about 50 pea-size stones came out.  BTW, the come out the back end not the front.  It doesn't hurt but it is uncomfortable.  I immediately felt the pain in my abdomen decrease.  But, over the next few days, the pressure built back up again.  I did another flush and it felt better again.  I had tons more stones come out, too.  I did a total of 11 flushes (8 of which were doubles) over a period of about eight months.  The last one had almost no stones.  Wow, was I happy and I felt so much better. No more constant intestinal pain.

5) Parasites.  Again by the grace of God I was researching and something clicked.  I thought maybe I have parasites.  I had been out of the country on scuba trips before I got sick and maybe I picked up something on one of those islands.  I had been tested several times but the results were always negative/normal.   I was still having intestinal troubles but I was being good with my diet and I had done a bunch of flushes.  I had done a parasite cleanse years before and it had helped.  I thought maybe I got them again or maybe I never got rid of them all the first time.
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