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Some things that helped me - Part 3

After researching on Curezone I found several things to try.  One of those was food-grade quality diatomaceous earth (DE).  From what I understand, DE is the fossilized remains of diatoms (hard-shelled algae).  It's harmless to humans (except if you breath it) but it's deadly to bugs.  It's like broken glass to them.  I found them for a good price on the internet and ordered some.  I made a mixture of this with a few other things (walnut/wormwood extract, clove oil, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract) and drank it.  Wow, it tastes awful.  Within a few hours I felt something different in my intestines.  It didn't hurt so much.  This is gross but I examined my stool.  I was horrified to see dead worms.  After taking the mixture once or twice a day for over a month my innards feel better than they have in a long, long time.  

Search Techniques:
Here is how I was able to research my illness.  It used to be Google had a cool search feature.  If you put a plus sign (+) in front of a word or phrase it would require that word or phrase to be in the result page.  A minus sign would exclude pages with that word or phrase.

Some example searches I used were:
+"chronic fatigue syndrome" +forum +"I take"
which would usually find result pages on a forum where someone with CFS would discuss how taking a particular drug/whatever would help/not help.
+"fibromyalgia" +forum +"I feel"
which would usually find result pages on a forum where someone with FM would discuss how they felt.

Sadly, Google removed the plus and minus features sometime in Sept/Oct of 2011.  I think the "advanced search" still works but I haven't tried it.
I found it on Google /advanced_search.  It appears you can require certain words and exclude others.  Phrases should be enclosed in double quotes.  

By reading other people's stories I learned the common terms used to describe my symptoms.  From there I was able to read all kinds of stories about what people tried.  That's how I found the link to the radio interview with Dr. Starr about HT2 on CureZone.

I also found AskAPatient.  People post their experiences taking different medications.  Now I always read the reviews for a medication before I take it.  That's why I never took Lycera.  Some of the side-effects give me the heebee jeebees just thinking about it (e.g. blindness).

Some Other Things I tried:
-I took colloidal silver for a long time.  I think it helped.  I experienced flu-like symptoms during use that eventually went away.  I consumed about 4oz a week at 30ppm for 1.5 years.  I stopped taking it went I didn't feel anything different when I took it.
-I went into a hyperbaric chamber.  I didn't feel any different.
-I tried massage and acupuncture.  Massage initially felt good but with a few hours I would usually experience horrible secondary fatigue/flu-like symptoms that would last days or, one time, two weeks.  Acupuncture was nice.  It felt good but it was expensive and a long drive.  The effects didn't last long so I didn't continue.  Besides it was treating the symptoms and not the root problem.
-I tried a bunch of different vitamins and minerals in both pill and liquid form.  Never really noticed anything except for Vit D.   I still take that every day and I notice a slight improvement.
-I tried several types of magnesium even the oil that you rub on. It just made my IBS worse or did nothing.
-I tried that mona via stuff.  Tasted good but didn't do anything.
-I took Vitalzym SEB for a while.  It helped with my pain and my muscle burning feelings but I always felt it was treating the symptoms and not the source.
-I tried light therapy with a Verilux light.  My wife thought I had seasonal affect disorder (SAD).  Turns out the cold of winter made my hypothyroidism worse.
-I had my mercury fillings replace with ceramics and I did a detox.  That helped me feel better but it wasn't related to my CFS/FM problems.
-I had a bunch of blood tests.  All negative normal.
-I saw a CFS/FM specialist who took a bunch of my money and didn't do anything for me.  He wasn't even a good listener.
-I saw a gastroenterologist who put me on Protonix.  Ugh, vile stuff.  Never again.
-I was on Xanax and tramadol for a while.  I liked Xanax a lot and combined with tramadol at night I was able to get some sleep.  My wife said I wasn't all there when I was on Xanax.  She said it was like I was on auto-pilot a lot which was true.  I stopped after about a year and a half.
-I'm sure I've left some things out but that's all the comes to mind right now.

I'm not 100% and I'm definitely not the person I was but I'm doing okay.  Discovering that I have HT2 made life so much better.  I read that it takes 12-18 months to fully recover and it's been only 10 months for me.  I can't wait to see how much more I improve over the next 8 months.

God Bless.

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Well, I am not doubting your success with the treatment you have chosen for yourself.  I would, however, like to offer some interesting information for consideration to those who (like myself) are interested in your findings.

I did some researching on the author of the article you referred to on Curezone, a Dr. Hulda Clark.  I found many supporting evidence that she is/was a quack!  I would suggest all who are interested to google her name and find out for yourselves.  I am not against things that help people get better even if it is outside of "normal" practice of medicine.  I just want others to know who they are taking advice from.  I am not here to slander people's reputation so I refuse to go into details.  Just offer you a reminder to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  I suggest offering your findings to your doctor(s) for their professional opinion(s) before starting a regimen.  

There is also another "quack" on youtube who offers his "expert" advice as though he is a doctor when even on his own website he offers no credentials, experience, or education to support his claims.

Please do your own research and seek the advice of a professional you TRUST to give you direction as to what is beneficial and what is not.  
I have struggled with health issues for over 30 years and have went to many orthodox physicians  and  alternative doctors (  most who went to regular medicals schools and had degrees ) It is very easy to call people  names such as a '' Quack" Doesn't take a lot of time or intelligence to utter this word. Some people will accept this utterance without question or challenge or possibly the notion that the individual may have a motive to smear this person sharing a different modality to help someone with a health challenge.  Sometimes I wonder if people have lost there ability for normal reasoning these days. Reminds me a bit of the dark ages when millions of women were labeled as witches and most people  instead of seeing that these women were ahead of there time and had enough intelligence to question the churches dogma chose  instead to burn these souls at the stake.  They mostly women chose a path to heal with herbs and to follow what made sense to them and just like the scared physician of today who utters the word " witch'' oops I meant" quack" there will be the throngs of unenlightened individuals who will throw any idea of natural healing onto the burning stakes of heresy.  I have seen too much of this in my 30 plus year journey for health.  
Your comment makes absolutely zero sense! Go look up the word quack then look up the word witch and to compare the two as thought they are one and the same is lunacy. There is another word for you to look up. I’m sure you will find a picture you may recognize.  
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Great review you have shared on health . Thank you for taking such type nice point on victim assistance health  to discuss here.
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You are right about consulting a professional for medical advice but, and this is a big one, what happens when none of the professionals can help you.  And this goes on not for days, weeks or months but years.  Western medicine is great *if* they can see the problem.  If they can x-ray it or do a  blood test for you they can help.  

Problems like CFS and FM are just a collection of symptoms.  They don't know what causes them.  They can't test for it and typically all they do is prescribe anti-depressants.

There comes a point where you have to take responsibility for your own health.  You realize that doctors are there to help but they don't have the problem.  They see you for 20 maybe 30 minutes and they are on to the next patient.

If you had read any of the posts on Curezone about the parasite cleanse you would know that it's not "quack" science.  It really does work.  More importantly it fights the problem.  It's just not mainstream/traditional.  We are so used to going to the store and getting a nice bottle of pills that will take care of our problem in a couple of days.  Most of the time that works really well.  Sadly, it doesn't work for everything.

Dr. Starr is a professional doctor and he says to take the natural thyroid hormone instead of the synthetic (available by prescription or OTC/online).  Many "professionals" recommend the synthetic.  The patients have good blood test results but they still have the symptoms.  My wife's sister is the same way.  She's a GP.  For years she saw me and I asked her advice on many occasions.  After I found out I was HT2 and started taking thyroid she thought I was crazy for "experimenting" but she couldn't offer an alternative treatment.  Even worse after observing my improvement she refuses to change he views.

Summary: yes, always consult a professional but do the research on your own too.
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