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Sudden vertigo and tired

I'm 20, female, RN. 5'3 112lb
Pretty fit. I do body building. Trying to bulk to 130 currently.
Anyway, yesterday I was walking my dogs and... suddenly I was talking and I felt like I was being pulled to the right side for a split second. My dogs leash snapped me out of this state instantly. Then I was dazed at what just happened for a minute. I didn't feelanything in my chest either. Side note: I'm pretty anxious and often think there's something wrong with me I hate it)
Then fast forward to today, my head just feels kinda heavy and sluggish... almost like I'm tired. I never honeslty feel tired.
So I've been feeling almost like my head wants to drop at some points.
Like I'm not mentally 100% there today... I really don't like that.
Idk if it's me doing it or not.
I did check my BP when I got home from the walk being the nurse I am. I have 3 flights of stairs. I took it about 5 minutes after I got home and got 128/82
Then minutes later I checked again and got 118/76 so I was fine. But just felt weird.
My question is... what is this
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