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Symptoms CFS?

I have had migraines since the age of 19. Later in my 30's I'd get this horrible in my spine between shoulder blades. Neck pain is now everyday. My Chiropractic adjustments don't hold at all. I now have four disc 2 between shoulder blades going down into my lower spine. My muscles are ropey and at times I'm like a cement wall. I have knots that I can do trigger points on myself with barely touching the knots. My husband works on me at least 5 nights a week for 1 to 3 hours just for some relief. I go to work with heat packs down my spine. I spend the rest of my time with ice and heat packs and stretching yoga style if I can move. I maybe have 5 days a month of no pain. I used to own a Chiropractic office with my X. Along with a yoga studio and alternative healthcare practitioners. So I've tried the natural way. What are the symptoms of CFS and what kind of testing and medical treatment plans are ahead?
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Hi sassyc68.

In my small family, between the of 3 us, we have: 3 Reiki practitioners, 2 holistic health practitioners, 2 hypnotherapists, 1 dietitian, 1 EFT advanced practitioner, 1 yoga instructor, 1 independent medical researcher and a few more.

Please reconsider your decision. It is a very unclear - almost murky path-
the conventional medicine way. No standardized testing and pain/symptom management drugs is typical.

I can just sense that you have reached and probably surpassed your mental tolerance threshold.

Unfortunately you may not have  gone deep enough with your natural approaches to reach the causative level and get your issues corrected at their foundation.

Things to rule out before anything else is considered:
1. Low Thyroid Function!
2. Low adrenal function! (in association with stress, specially biological
or hidden stress)
3. Low methylation!
4. Past suppressed traumatic events- possibly some not held in memory!
5. Deficiencies.
There may be more.

I have found that these  factors, when present and not corrected, do not allow the body to function, to repair and to heal properly,
regardless of the other medical condition(s) a patient is suffering from!
Medications, alternative therapies, may help temporarily, however, no real breakthrough can manifest, when the above imbalances are overlooked .

If interested, post a brief med. history/bio, including diet, any meds, accidents, surgeries, tests, traumatic events, present fitness level, family situation and anything else which you consider noteworthy.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hang in there.

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