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Treatment that works

Here is something that anyone can try and the results will be almost immediate and will amaze you!

5mg of benadryl every 4 to 6 hours during the day.

5mg equals 1ml of the adult liquid or 2ml of the childrens.

Costs less than $5.00 per month!

It is very complicated to explain how low doses of certain antihistamines can help with CFS. For those with the background to understand this it has to do with mitochondrial dysfunction, apoptosis (programmed cell death), and the inhibition of apoptosis by some antihistamines at low doses.

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Did this work for anybody?  The link worked and I downloaded it.  I will try to tonight.
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your answer shows your frustration, I understand.

The low dose will not make you drowsey.

The full answer to your question requires background knowlege you do not yet posses!  If you want to acquire that knowlege here is a good place to start:


this is a free downloadable booklet on CFS written by a British physician. In it you will learn of the connection between CFS and mitochondrial function, just what mitochondria are, what part they play in metabolism at the cellular level, and how you can improve mitochondrial function.  All in relatively plain english.

In the mean time chill...try it on a day where it does not matter if it does make you more tired....when you see that it does NOT make you tired, continue taking 5 mg every 4 to 6 hours. Whithin a very few days you will either see a big improvement or you won't.....tis a very simple test after all.

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On your post, Here is something that anyone can try and the results will be almost immediate - Your talking about CFS?  Benadryl?  I don't see you answering anyone, i'm assuming your talking about CFS since you are the first one on this page.  Why exactly would i try Benadryl for CFS?  Results?
I can't think of anything it would do is make me more tired!!!

Confused?  Did i miss something?
How about anyone that knows a legal stimulant to keep me moving?
Been buying adderall and ridelin just to conquer the humidity this season, it makes me feel so tired and lifeless, i usually stay in.  Weird thing is ac doesn't help either.  It used to, have no idea what is going on.  Need stimulants just to get things done or get out!  I used to feel worse in winter but three years ago i started feeling worse in Spring to mid-fall.  I have allergies, mold being one.  Next step, dehumidifier for my bedroom.  Last year it was a portable ac, hepa filter and air purifier.  Idk why i have not been feeling better when i am in my room with the ac on.  I always felt better and more energetic with the ac on.  I am on allergy drop, almost 9mos. now.  Dr. says they are working.  Any suggestions?
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If you have autoimmune hypothyroid be aware that this treatment should increase thyroid function making your current level of supplimentation to high......talk to your doctor first.
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Dave ,thanks for the advise  i will try it today and let you know,thanks for the tip!
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