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chronic fatigue poll

Hi everyone. Hope you're all having a good, or at least ok day. I know things can be rough at times:/
I was diagnosed with with CF last Sept. At my worst, I didn't sleep for 2 months, was constipated for 10 days, and could barely eat anything without feeling nausea, and took 2 naps a day. I was probably running on 5% the energy I used to have.
I am now much better and want to learn what this crazy CF thing is with help from you all. I have questions if you would be willing to answer. After I have at least 50 CF patients answers, I will post the results. I will ask the questions first, and after tell you the reason. I would love your help!
1. Are you female?
2. Were you on antibiotics 6 months prior to crashing with CF? How many times?
3. Do you brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste? Do you drink and bathe in fluoridated water?
   If you drink bottled water, what is the PH?
4. What was your saliva PH at your sickest? What is it now?  
    If you don't know, could you find out, PLEASE?
    You just spit on the strip before you brush your teeth in the morning.
    You can buy PH strips at any health food store, or aquarium store.
    This may be the most important question.
5. How many fruits and veggies do you eat on average a day? How many did you eat before you crashed?
    How many calories do you eat a day?
6. What time do you sleep and how many hours?
7. How many hours do you spend in front of the tv and computer?
8. Very personal question: Do you poo every day, at least 1/3 of your colon? If you are constipated, were you most of your life?
9. If female, did you ever take the pill?
Thank you SO much! Now I'll tell you why I asked each of one of these questions, from my personal research:
1. Females have estrogen, which tends to grow yeast, which makes your PH acidic
2. Antibiotics destroy good bacteria, making you even more acidic. They also weaken your immune system.
3. Fluoride sits in the pineal gland, preventing it from producing melatonin. You stop sleeping, and your immune system cannot repair, and you can't detox all that extra acid. Bottled water may not have added fluoride, but the longer it sits in plastic, it usually has a PH of 6.0-6.4, only adding to the acid problem in our bodies.
4. A healthy person is 7.2PH. A raw food person, eating only alkaline foods, will get up to 7.4PH.
5. Raw fruits, veggies, soaked nuts, seeds, lentils and beans are all alkaline, making you more alkaline. The higher percentage you eat of these foods, compared to your overall calories, the higher your PH will become.
6. We detox from 9:30pm-1am. Raw food people with 7.4 PH are always in bed by 10pm, and usually sleep less than 7 hours. The less cooked food, salt, sugar, junk you take in, the less sleep you need.
7. TVs and computers give off EMF, which weaken the immune system.
8. Pooing is just as important as eating. If you are constipated and always have been, more bad bacteria is growing than good bacteria. Likely you are acidic (below 7.2). Raw plant go through the body in 8 hours, so most raw food people poo 2x a day minimum.
9. The pill makes you so acidic. Constipation usually follows, making you even more acidic.
Can you see where I'm heading with all these questions? It's all about lowering how much acid you take in, and doing everything possible to get it out. Hope to hear from you all:)
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good luck w the survey - i think you're onto some things which will account for a fair percentage of chronically fatigued people!
i think it also can have much to do with physical exhaustion, stress/ pressure, anxiety, poor sleep, inner conflict and relationship conflict, suppressed emotion.
anyway here's my survey answers

1. female
2. Not on antibiotics prior to illness
3. fluoridated toothpaste
4. sorry don't know pH! but at time of illness it was in normal range of a standard lab.
5. average on fruit and veges and calories
6. slept at night 5-8 hours
7. 4 hrs a week
8. mostly constipated all life (but not anymore)
9. Never pill

these answers apply to the years leading up to the onset of my illness - not present day
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1. Female
2. Pneumonia prior to illness, not treated properly but did have many courses of antibiotics over the next year due to constant ear chest and throat infections
3. Flouridated toothpaste
4. Dont know ph
5. Far too many calories, too little fruit and veg
6. Sleep around 8-12 hours, not until between 2 and 5am
7. Too much tv
8. I go around 2/3 times a week
9. I was on the pill until just over 2 years ago
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