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doctors cant seem to be able to help ?

Its been six months with fatigue and pain and joint stiffness and more weird traumas sometimes breath shorting or an explained stomach ache I took alot of medicine but it all backfired that the doctors keep changing my meds. The last meds I took made me have edema and I end up worse what is it what do I do ?
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STOP TAKING PRESCRIBED PILLS. Find the healthy natural alternative to fix this by eating a alkaline diet and get rid of heavy metals in the body. Research and watch videos on Major auto-hemotherapy and Prolozone.
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Get your Vitamin D checked.
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if you're feeling drained vitamin b12 is great. i was sceptical of it working but it makes sense if you think of your body as a machine that needs these certain vitamins to function.
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Try alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT,  body restoration technique with a chiropractor that does applied kenisology, AK.  
Another technique is BAX 3000 and BAX AURA also with a chiropractor.  This one maybe harder to find.

All these methods are NON invasive and a higher level of accupunture without NEEDLES.  

I have used all these methods for over 10 years.  

In addition to allergies I have used for issues such as rashes,  viruses, bacteria, lung and cough,  bronchitis,  blood sugar, inflammation, arthritis,  thyroid,  CELIAC disease,  metals,  exposure to pesticides etc.

I take NO prescription drugs.  ONLY ORGANIC plant based supplements as prescribed by the chiropractor.  

These methods help the body build tolerance and improved immune system.  

Give it a fair chance and you will see improvements.  

Good luck
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