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tooth abscess + large cyst in jaw

Just discovered I have both of these a couple months ago after noticing a lump in my gum. The cyst has been eating away at my jaw and has perforated it, I've had no pain, but will be getting surgery soon.

My question is what are the chances of the tooth infection contributing to my chronic fatigue? I have found a few only posts stating, infections can make you feel lousy, fatigued etc. But no real solid information or testimonials.
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Hi arch3r.
If that's the only issue you have at the age of 115- hey,you supplied this info-you're doing pretty good, lol!

In all seriousness, an unresolved tooth infection, could be one of the main contributors to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis or other conditions.
It is a true challenge for the immune system as well as antibiotics to enter the microscopic spaces into the dentinal tubules and contain the pathogens, which seem to be hiding in a perfect environment (safe, warm and moist).
As  a matter of fact the entire oral cavity is one of the main entry points
of toxins and harmful bacteria into the body in a slow and steady release
I personally have been doing "Oil Pulling" every morning for many years
for improved oral hygiene, dental and general health.
I use extra virgin coconut oil because of all its great medicinal properties.
Basically, you take about a teaspoon of oil, before breakfast, and swish with it vigorously for about 15-20 minutes and then you spit it out and rinse
real good to make sure all the toxins and bacteria end up going down the drain, instead of staying in your mouth.
You may want to look into Dr Weston Price's "Dental Infections and related Degenerative Diseases" Volume I and II- It's a total about 1000 pages, which I believe you can download for free from the West Virginia University
Library, but be patient, the download is slow, even with a very fast

I hope this helps,

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Hi lightseeker, actually I have come across Weston Price's work many times over the years. I think his studies are more about how diet effects dental health/bone structure as opposed to dental healths effect on overall health.

I might do the oil swishing thing, cant say I'm sold on the whole "pulling" aspect on it.

I really hope resolving these dental problems provides some relief, nothing else is working!
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Hi arch3,
I suggest you deepen your knowledge in this area of health.
Doctor Weston's Price "Dental Infections and related Degenerative Diseases" is based on the "focal theory of infection", which states that a local infection -like in your mouth- can spread and metastasize and cause secondary infections anywhere else in the body.

You don't have to be sold on the "Oil Pulling" at all.
You just need to give it a try for a couple weeks.
I"m offering this information to you, on the basis that every single person
who has tried it, after my recommendation (this is not online, it is in my own town here) has experienced very positive results.
No side-effects, no harm, what-so-ever!

If you have any better alternatives that work, naturally you wouldn't be posting here, right?

If you have any questions or need details on anything let me know.

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