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why am i forgetting more and more and feeling angrier often?

Hello everyone.
I know i need to seek professional medical advice, which i will be doing soon as well... i need to first find the best medical center, since there are several hospitals that employ 'unmotivated' doctors here.

i am a 32 year old male and  have recently been noticing the following:

- often very tired without a reason (ongoing condition, 7+ years, no reason according to several doctors and bloodtests)

but what has got me concerned is the following, newer symptoms, say for the last 2-3 months:

- forgetting a lot (short term mostly: appointments, leaving the keys on the door, forgetting where i put something while it's right beside me or in my pocket, talking about a subject and forgetting what it was within 10 seconds, ...)

- becoming quite more agressive to the outside world (even though i dont want to: it happens kind of automatically, and i cannot control it)

- no clue if this also fits into the categories, but i also noticed that when i drink my tolerance has become WAY lower than it used to be, say about 3 beers before i begin feeling the alcohol, and no i have never been an alcoholic, more of an occasional drinker that did drink too much on party evenings)

to some interest perhaps: there is a history of MS in the family (my mothers aunt and my mother herself now), but i have been checked out a few years back and did not have any neurologic disorder at that time (i have had an mri about 4 years ago)
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Please check to see if you have anemia. I have these same symptoms, turns out my hemoglobin was low, very low in fact. Memory issues, angry all the time, and extremely exhausted. Good luck.
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