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Anyone tried zyrtec and pepcid as treatment for Urticaria

Wondering if anyone else has urticaria only with exertion?  I started having chronic urticaria 24 years ago (while pregnant).  I only get it with certain foods such as vinegar, emotions/stress or while exercising.  I've been to dermatologists, tried anti-histamines, etc., without any luck.  Finally a close friend who is a Vascular Surgeon told me to try taking both Zyrtec (10mg) and Pepcid (50 - 100 mg) at least an hour prior to exercise.  It has worked great for me!  These are both OTC drugs.   Hope this helps someone!
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Ok My friend I had the same problem and finally looks that I found some kind of relief (maybe a cure, we'll see). My allergist from Cleveland clinic here in Coral Spring FL prescribe me CETIRIZINE 10MG 3 tablets a day for a month and then bring it down to 2 a day. I began with the treatment on March 2021 as today  July 27/2021 I can tell you that I'm feeling  85% better before was every single day going to hell, today I'm not completely free, but feel much much better. Try it. CETIRIZINE is the same as ZYRTEC, but less expensive if a Dr. prescribed it . Good luck. Write later at ***@**** and tell me if it works for you.
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