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Anyone with Chronic Hives (Urticaria) have any treatments that have worked?

I have had chronic hives for the past 2 years.  My triggers include getting warm, working out, tight clothing, hot showers, drinking alcohol, etc.  They are the worst the day after I drink alcohol.  My body is often covered head to toe.  They are extremely hot to the touch and very itchy.  I have to avoid getting warm throughout the day because if I do, I will have hives the rest of the day.  I can't wear closed-toed shoes at all.  If I wear boots, flats, or tennis shoes my feet break out in hives and they often spread to the rest of my body.  Sometimes of course, I get them for no apparent reason.  I haven't had a day without them in two years.  If anyone else has experienced chronic hives like this I would love to hear from you.  
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After I had some big dental treatment a couple of years ago I too had a huge rash ..I think it was an allergy to the drugs they gave me ...it still comes back now and again but nothing like it was, I have been worse when taking any meds
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