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Chronic Hives question

Around April of this year I began getting hives on my chest and arms very randomly.  It started occurring around once or twice a week.  Then, as time went on, around may, I began waking up every morning with hives on my knees and legs, usually staying on the lower half of my body.  End of may I woke up with a swollen bottom lip and went to see my allergist that day.  I had an allergy skin test done and found that I had severe reactions (hives) to ALL grasses and the majority of all weeds and tree pollens.  My hives began to progress to constant/severe around the beginning of June and lasted until my last taper with prednisone, which I started on June 20th.  I was on this round of prednisone for 2 weeks, so I stopped taking it on July 4th.  I was completely hive free after that!  Until this last week, I began getting random hives, only one or two a couple times a week.  Then, three nights ago I woke up at two in the morning with more pronounced hives on the lower half of my body.  Now, today, I woke up with 3 little hives on my knees (kind of how it started in the beginning of all this).  I found it interesting that my hives were at their worst during the height of grass pollen season then went away after the major grass pollen time was over.  I should also mention that I live in Portland, Oregon which has been the highest pollen state this year and this was a record breaking grass pollen season.  I am just trying to connect the dots, because I know chronic urticarial is rarely caused by pollens, but the timetable of my hives was very in sync with the grass pollen season.  I am worried that the hives are coming back now after a month without them!  So, I had hives for around 2 months, then they completely went away for a month, and now they are (possibly) slowly coming back, but this is also when weed pollens are beginning to start and based on my allergy test, of the 13 weed pollens, I am allergic to 11.  (not allergic to hemp or dock sorrel).  Could still be just allergies? or am I just giving myself false hope because I am afraid of it lasting longer than just pollen allergies?
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what about detergent I know my rashes are worse when I use a regular detergent so I have changed to free and clear stuff.Now I still get some but not as much as I did ...
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