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Chronic Hives

About six months ago since I moved across country and suddenly started to experience hives. I have never experienced this ever in my life, the only allergy I have had was to Shellfish and I stayed away from that. The hives seem to be very prominent in the morning and evening. They just don't seem to be going away. I am drinkning hot lemon water to cleanse my system and I was taking reacton but i really don't want to continully take pills like that. Is stress a big factor for these hives? Is six months a long time for them to last? I have seen an allergist but I was allergic to dust mites and still shellfish so should I go back to them and get tested again? What else can I do to get rid of these annoying hives? It's driving me crazy!

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I would definitely consider seeing an Allergist. Unfortunately those of us who have allergies, are prone to getting more allergies. One thing you can do right now is try different laundry detergents and/or soaps and see if the hives go away.

If your Allergist/Immunologist can't find the source for your condition, then I would consider seeing an alternative medicine practitioner that does BioMeridan (EAV testing) or muscle testing.

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i am almost to the point where I am gonna grab a knife and cut off the next part of my that itches. 4 months!!! this is crazy!! you know they say its stress related, but its causing so much more stress than i had before..
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when you moved - did your 'climates' change??  I grew up in the Midwest and boy-o-boy - I cannot even consider moving back there - ever!!!!!!!  I blow up like a blowfish and the sinus pressure is so bad... Are you taking anything for your hives? I've had to switch laundry detergent to "All Dye/Perfume Free" and also, I take "dye free benedryl" almost daily... has anyone talked about a course of prednisone with you?  It (((might))) help...I will always swear by "benedryl!"
if they didn't make it - I'd be scrod ((past tense of....well, you know)))
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I hear your pain. I found out that I was allergic to Penicillian and had chronic hives for 2 years. Every inch on my body was covered. The worst was having them in my throat. I got some relief with Cortisone injections. I was taking 75mg of Cortisone by tablet, every day and we know what that does to your body. I went to dermatologists, skin specialists with no answer. I became pregnant with my third child and the hives disappeared. This indicated to me a hormone inbalance. After I gave birth, the hives didn't reappear. There is no easy answer, I believe they will go when they are ready - good luck.
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I have suffered from chronic hives the past 6 years. I am just in the beginning phase of eliminating what I think may be the contributing trigger and will share that in a moment.

Research lead me to the conclusion that mine were pressure hives, where something creating even the slightest pressure in an area caused red welts & itching & if scratched they grew even larger & felt warm. Needless to say they drive me crazy, disrupt my sleep & make for rather drastic changes to something as simple as daily dressing. I get them where my straps and the underwire area of my bra rest, where the snap on my jeans touches my stomach, tags on my shirts and in my waistband area. Wearing new shoes or sandals causes them between my toes &  top of or on the soles of my feet.  I have had them all over my body and it seems to be getting worse.

The only remedy I found that is truly helpful is to use cold packs, I keep small frozen water bottles & ice packs in my freezer and I apply those to the hives at the first hint I may have them developing.  That seems to tame down the hives, however they need to be applied again, actually until they no longer remind you that they are there. Mine take at least 48 hours to leave when using cold packs or frozen bottles or bags. Most important (yes I know it is difficult) is not to scratch them no matter how wonderful it feels. Scratching only releases more histamine, hence they grow larger and they "ask to be scratched again & again". Amazingly enough the cold does help settle mine down.

My question is how many of you who suffer from hives eat products enhanced with sucralose or use Splenda? My research had lead me to believe this could be the trigger for me and the timeline goes hand in hand with when my hives started. I started using Splenda about 6 years ago It was in everything that I drank & ate from my coffee, tea & colas, my favirte flavored coffee creamer, puddings and the less sugar oatmeal I prepared. I also baked with it and added to fresh fruits. Most recently I started drinking more iced tea & was consuming even more Splenda daily and my hives were worse.

I have not had Sucralose now in 3 days and I have been experiencing headaches and bouts of insomnia where I wake up suddenly.  I would like to say that I have experienced no hives but that is not the case. I had hives present when I started the elimination. Considering I have had sucralose daily for 6 years I think it will take weeks to detoxify my body. I will post again and give an update. If the sucralose is not the culprit then hopefully the frozen water bottle & cold packs can provide you some relief.
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you're on the right track with the Splenda!! ((see my post 4 down on list from this one!!))  I have to watch easting yeast and chocolate. I do tests every once in a while to see if that IS what is causing my itching... it is... sad to say :(
I can feel the 'itchies' coming on and I take one Benedryl ... since I am MORE aware now of the 'triggers'...I can stay away from the triigers and keep Benedryl on hand...A friend of mine said her mother gets what you have...she has to wash everything she owns about 8 times when new before wearing any item!! and she washed it in "ALL Dye and Perfume Free" Detergent...and uses dye and perfume free fabric softener sheets...you might want to consider changing your detergent and fabric softener!!!!!  'Bounce' is also very very highly aggrevating to allergies/hives
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