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Urticaria (hives) & pregnancy

I am 12 weeks pregnant and for the last couple of days have had hives (cold urticaria I think it is called). I recognise it because the rash and feeling is exactly as it was when I was started taking the contraceptive pill twelve years ago. I stopped taking the pill once I'd realised it was this that was causing the hives all over my body. Now I am concerned that my pregnancy hives is caused by one of the natural hormones oestrogen or progesterone as the levels of these increase during pregnancy I have been told. I think these hormones are also in the contraceptive pill.

Does anyone have any experience of this? I am concerned it will get worse as the hormone levels increase. Currently it is only on my hands but when I developed it before it spread all over my body particularly my thighs but also my face and chest and my hands and feet were swollen and numb.

Any help or advice would be appreciated
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A proepr clinical examination would be required before anything can be said with certainty. It would be best to consult your physician or allergy specialsit about your symptoms.

Do not worry about it spreading and worsening right now. Just think about getting a physician opinion and then starting the appropriate treatment at the earliest.

Let us know what the doctor advises and also keep us posted on how you are doing.

Applying calamine lotion on the lesions should help to soothe them.

Let us know if you have any doubts.

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I too am pregnant with hives.  I have had chronic hives way before I even got pregnant.  They have been dormant for almost 6 years until now.  I am so miserable.  The only thing I can take is zyrtec and benadryl which don't offer much relief.  I am only 5 weeks and I am miserable and on the verge of losing my mind.  The chances of me having hives for the remainder of my pregnancy is high.  I try my very best to deal with the discomfort by using gentle soaps, taking cool baths with oatmeal, and using a lot of hydrocortisone creams.  Good luck!  Always remember that there is someone else out there going through it too.  You're not the only one!  

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Hi mrspotter,

How are you doing? Have you been to the doctor and got yourself examined?

Do keep us posted on how you are doing and if there is any exacerberation/ relief in your symptoms.

Best regards.

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hello...its been a bit of relief to read all your comments here.im in my 28 weeks of pregnancy & having this itchy patchy rashes in my thighs now made u my mind i have hives too...its too itchy,sometimes its so unbearable.i applied caladryl on it & my doctor said its okay but sometimes i feel so desperate just by looking at it...i tried starch bath also & it eases itchiness a bit bt no other solutions really help.Now for fast few days,it started to dry but more itchy at night but still i continue to apply the cream.is it normal for it to dry? pls advise.i worried it might affect my baby. worried mother to be
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Some itching and skin lesions are known to occur in pregnancy. Do you have a past history of allergic reactions?

In all such cases, it is advisable to let your OBG know about your symptoms and also let her have a look at the lesions. The further plan of management can then be decided - about whether an allergy specialist needs to be consulted and whether the relevant investigations that need to be done. The treatment can then be decided after a confirmed diagnosis.

It can only be said after a look at the lesions whether the drying process is normal or not. Also, talk to your doctor about whether it is infective or not and if it could affect your baby or not.

Let us know if you have any more doubts and also let us know what your doctor advises.

Keep us posted about how you are doing.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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i have past allergic reactions but only on certain foods & maybe bec of milk also  bec i dont drink milk b4 but now i have to drink for my baby & my mom said when she was pregnant with me before,she has allergies also.i look into internet abt hives & the images is the same that i have.i spoke to my doctor abt this & she said to continue applying the caladryl lotion as i told her i have doubts taking oral medication as im afraid it might affect my baby.right now as it is drying i can notice that before it was really defined like swollen now it started to settle down as it is drying.i have my monthly check up tomorrow i will show my doctor & tell her again abt this.thank you i will keep you posted.
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