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18 year old Bichon/poodle worsening CDK

Hannah just came home from a vet visit with reports of kidney failure. We are devastated as just 3 months ago her Bun number was 30 and today it is 60. I have had her on a low salt diet for 3 years and she has been doing well. What should I feed her for her meals and treats? She joins us every night while we eat and I give  her, what I thought, were nutritious treats. She began to vomit 2 days ago and I have been feeding her Stage 2 Chicken baby food, but what can I give her as a treat? I also boiled chicken and combined with rice and plain canned pumpkin. This she refused. I am more than willing to prepare treats at home. I have many more questions, but will limit this post to just  one. Thank you
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