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6 year old Fred has kidney disease and won't eat. Any suggestions?

Fred is our 6 year old Maltese, diagnosed with kidney disease about 5 months ago.  He went blind at age 4 due to SARDS, diagnosed with Cushing's disease at age 5 and now kidney disease and a heart murmur.  He's had 2 hospital stays due to dehydration and we now give him SubQ fluids every day.  He has gotten a lot pickier about what he'll eat and now he will only eat certain dog treats.  We have tried renal diet wet and dry food in many different brands and flavors but he wants nothing to do with any of it.  He ate plain pasta for a while, plain sweet potato and animal crackers but now doesn't want them at all.  He's losing weight because he's just not eating enough.  He's not lethargic, not vomiting and has no diarrhea.  He still gets excited, wags his tail and runs around when we get home from work each day.  I just want him to eat so he doesn't keep losing weight.  This boy is my heart and I am devastated at the thought of losing him.  
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Hello. Dogs not eating is typical of kidney disease. The reason is due to several things, each one can be the culprit, or all of them can be. It ranges from nausea to acid-reflux and even kidney or bladder stones. Sometimes different medications and supplements can cause nausea too. Please have a read of my article on this subject, as it might offer you some help ... you will find it at http://www.infobarrel.com/When_A_Dog_With_Kidney_Disease_Wont_Eat
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