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Anti-Nausea Medication

When dogs in chronic kidney failure stop eating, it's devastating for dog owners. The refusal to eat is often both physical (the build up of toxins) and psychological (the association of food with feeling sick). The answer to this is to provide anti-nausea medication, which will help encourage a dog to start eating again - and in turn, start having enough energy to enjoy life a little more.

But, there are so many different anti-nausea medicines, which makes it very confusing to know which one is the best in treating this symptom. In most cases, a vet will advise, and a good vet will take the circumstances and any other symptoms into consideration, before choosing the right thing to prescribe.

I wonder if User Group members had a particular favorite anti-nausea medication, that had worked well with their own dog? If we could formulate a list, I think it may be beneficial as a reference source.

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Bump ... !
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Hi Tony,

The only anti-nausea med that Oliver has been taking since his release from the pet clinic on April 9th, is Pepcid AC.  Dr. Schultz recommended this because he vomited once while he was hospitalized. I give it to him every morning. Because of his size 3.7 lbs he is given 1/4 of the pill. So far he has not vomited.
I'm crossing my fingers and Oliver is crossing his paws that his up coming blood test on 6/21 show that all is normal.  He is still pretty active and eating like a 100 pound dog :)  However, I  am nervous about his exam.

Warm Hugs,

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Sammie is both Tums and Famotidine.  So far so good!!
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On my 6/12 visit to the vet, I addressed the nausea issue. She recommended Pepcid A/C regular strength. I picked up the generic TOPCARE FAMOTIDINE tabs, 10mg which were listed as the comparable. Following the directions, Darbie gets 1 tab/1hr before meals ( 2 per 24 hrs ). This is the same time the AZODYL has to be administered, so I hope and pray there is no conflict with the combined pills. At this time, Darbie seems very content. I do see less "burping" in the course of the day.
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Hi. Azodyl is basically a pro-biotic, and just as in humans, it can help the digestive system settle down and work more efficiently. Famotidine is basically the same as Pepcid, and calms acid-reflux and has virtually no contraindication reports of reacting with any other drugs used in combination. I think therefore both medications should be very beneficial. It's nice to hear Darbie is contented - you are doing a fantastic job with her.

I am currently in the process of devising an easy-to-read blood-panel analysis reference, which I hope to add to a document folder for the User Group. Like many things, there's lots on the internet that offer this kind of reference, but most are so darn complex, they are difficult to read or understand. It may take a while to complete it, but I think the reference will be useful to those wondering what on earth the blood panel results mean. Watch this space.

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Thank you for giving me peace of mind! The blood panel analysis reference is a great idea. In the course of reading thru what seems like hundreds of posts and articles, many pets' values vary so differently...It does strike fear in the heart! But, it's important to be educated. Great luck with this endeavor. I thank you in advance for caring to do so. God knows, the information on these pages ( since 2008 ) offer so much insight. I hope more continues to be done in future years.
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My vet had Teagan on Cerenia when Pepcid Ac wasn't effective.  It certainly relieved the nausea.  But, as she was in late stage 4, no real improvement in appetite.
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Hi Doris. It's always good to know when something worked and your info will give others alternatives when those bad days take their toll. Tony x
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Ok.  I'll ask.  What's "bump" mean?
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It's just a way of BUMPING the thread to the top of the forum list, so more people will see it and hopefully respond.
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Ahhh.  Got it!  Thanks.
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