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Diabetes and renal failure 8 1/2 yoa

Hello. I don't have a lot of information. But my fathers dog is 8 1/2 years old terrier mix Chancho was diagnosed with diabetes today and renal failure. I do not know the numbers of his test, but prior to being diagnosed he was real lathrgic vomiting urinating and popping in the house it was uncontrollable. Today when my father took him to the vet he couldn't walk, vet gave him iv for being dehydrated, anti nausea shot, insulin and antibiotics. Said he will re test him in 2 days sent him home with antibiotic and insulin. Since he has been home he has not ate anything vet said to give him rice and boiled chicken. Has drank alittle. But Chancho is just sleeping, will not get up and now has a loose stool with blood but he doesn't get up to go outside!! From what the vet said my dad believes he is going to get better but I'm just so sad and have no idea what to think. I think the end is near. Can anyone help me to understand what is going on? Thank you so much
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Hello. Those are two very complicated illnesses (I actually have diabetes type 1 myself). There might be a question of which came first - as both illnesses can cause the other. Firstly, kidney disease is not curable, and you need to let your dad know it. The dog will ultimately die from it - or from the diabetes - although diabetes can be of course be managed with good insulin therapy. The difficult thing here is ... kidney disease is largely managed by diet, but diabetes is influenced by diet - so treating one will affect the other.

I feel you are probably right. Any dog with these two illnesses is unlikely to last very long. I wish I could say something more positive. If I were your dad, I would take things day by day, make sure the dog had everything it could want and while he's contented and happy, fine. But when bad days outweigh the good ones, then it may be time for difficult decisions to be made.

Dogs that are in severe renal failure (and to some extent those with diabetes too) feel exhausted, lethargic, nauseous, depressed and sleepy. This is no way for a dog to live its life ... and things are likely to get worse very quickly.

You could start him on renal food (Hills kd canned for example), if he will eat it. Mirtazipine is also a good drug that will help appetite. Anti-nausea medication would help (ask the vet for this). A phosphate binder is also a very good idea. Fluid therapy will also be beneficial (another question for the vet). The trouble is that while this will all help the kidney disease, it may adversely affect the diabetes.

Thank you so much, he went to his follow up visit at the vet yesterday, he was worse, going blind, heart was very weak. No signs of improvement. We had to lay sweet Chancho to rest :( :( thank you for replying
Please accept and extend to your dad my very sincere condolences. These decisions are never easy, but in this case I think you did the right thing at the right time.

Run free Chancho.

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Your sweet thanks you
Hope your sense of loss eases in the coming weeks.

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