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GREEN TRIPE saved my dog Ben from kidney disease. Has anyone else tried this?

My Doberman Ben is only 7 1/2 years old and has stage 3-4 kidney disease.  He was abused as a pup in a puppy training club and we believe that this is where is all started.  At 12 weeks (very impressionable age) they put him out in a large field with a Border Collie very early each morning to chase birds for about 10-20 mins.  Then he was left in a cage for 12 hours for the rest of the day, all day,  while the trainers went to work at their regular jobs.  He held his urine and did not wet in the cage. Today, he still holds his urine, he does not understand that we go outside to urinate, he only wants to chase birds.  He lives indoors and he will never approach the door to go out.  When we take him out he will not go and needs a lot of patient coaching.  When he does urinate we act so excited and offer a cookie and praise him to no end.  He came from a breeder and was infested with the Giardia parasite and given massive amounts of the antibiotic Flagyl and Panacur for 3 years that never worked.  His 4th year he was made to jump up 8 feet after a ball and land down on concrete.  This ball game lasted one hour for one whole year until both his knee ligaments ripped right off the bone.  He endured 5 surgeries and one massive MRSA infection and more antibiotics.  He was caged again for another year of recovery.  He has been on large doses of 750mg Tramadol for pain ever since. That is when I took over and he is about 5 1/2 years old.   The first urine test I had done at the vet, they SAID it was normal.  6 months later I took him again and his BUN was slightly elevated.  6 months after that the BUN kept climbing.  The vet decided to grow the urine to see if there was anything and sure enough there was bacteria and more antibiotics but the kidney damage is already done.  His blood values continued to climb that I took him to UC Davis and had ultrasound and his kidneys have changed.  He now has the diagnosis of IRIS 3.  I requested the home cooked diet and they gave me the recipe rice, chicken thigh and massive amounts of vitamins. I also brought home the specially formulated Purina KD canned diet.  He tolerated the home cooked meals for a while with intermittent vomiting but when I got sick I could not prepare the home cooked and served him the canned KD   He got very sick very fast, within 2 days he stopped eating, was vomiting, stumbling, muscle loss and not wanting to chase the birds, he had shivers, white gums, a foul body odor and lay there dying. He would not consider any food anywhere at anytime.  He was not having it. I had to something fast. I was so beside myself I don't know how I found GREEN TRIPE but that is is what saved him. greentripe.com also referred me to a website dogaware.com for all the rest of my help and information.  In a nutshell Green Tripe is cow stomach.  It must be given raw. I purchase it frozen raw. He gets 2 lbs per day.  He weights 120lbs.  It has an equal calcium phosphorus ratio and very low protein content but is a super food for dogs.  It has probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins all in their raw natural form as he would get in the wild and I don't know one dog that has ever refused to eat it.  I blindly rushed off to get some and he ate it right up.  The dogaware.com  website also recommends the Renal Essentials that I have read about on this forum and freeze dried beets and carrots. I will not give him all those chemical vitamins.  I will only visit a veterinarian for blood work, I will not take their advice on diet or medication.  I have heard too many stories of my friends feeding their dog the processed canned specially prepared KD diet and their dogs have died within days.  They never told me about green tripe.  He is eating the tripe, he plays intermittently but has his sick times.  He doesn't have the time to taper off the tramadol so I keep his pain at bay with that.  I have read your stories and cried with you, thank you for sharing. thank you Tony for providing us this forum.  My heart is broken and it takes all I have to remain positive for him.  I am here because I need this support.   Love to you all and to your precious fur babies.  
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Thankyou for your story. It’s helpful for my fur baby
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