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Heartbroken about CRF diagnosis :( HELP!

My Millie who is a very fit (she outruns most dogs in the park!) 11 year old mongrel has very early stages of kidney disease. She in now on Hills KD diet (she was only diagnosed on Thursday and it is now Saturday) When I asked the vet how long it would take to get from this stage to chronic failure stage he said about 2 years, that's with the K/D food! I'm really struggling to digest it all. I can't imagine saying goodbye to her in as little as a few months and that's maximum. I'm absolutely devastated. She seems so fit and healthy in herself, just drinking more. After doing loooads of research I am absolutely bamboozled with information that my brain is frazzled but I have decided to put her on the Nutriment low purine raw diet. I've spoken to the lady who created the food and my friend who knows them and they seem brilliant. The food is low purine, low phospherus, lower protein and high vitamin B which is what Millie needs and that's exactly what the Hills KD or Royal Canin provides but without all the crappy preservatives and salt in it that make it still edible 3 years later :-/ I've heard good things with good results. I think the main argument is how can kibble be suitable for bad kidneys because of the low water content and high sodium, even in the prescribed diet foods. I hope I am making the right decision for her. I just wondered what other owners decided to do? Did you add any supplements etc? Any help would be much appreciated as I am really panicking right now with what is best :( Thank you, Tara
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Hello Tara~~We're glad your here...The gentleman that runs this Kidney group is on vacation for 2 weeks, so he will not be able to respond to your specific concerns....

However, please scroll through questions posted by others within this group....He has answered every one of them & the information you need will be included in other responses throughout......Thank you

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Hello Tara. As my good friend Misfits4Me explained, I have been away and have only just caught up with your post. First things first, although the diagnosis must be shocking for you ... you are in a very advantageous position, insofar as this is an early diagnosis, so there's lots you can do to help Millie enjoy a good quality of life for as long as possible.

You have already started the kd diet, which is excellent. My personal opinion is that you should switch to tinned Hills kd or tinned Royal Canin kd (personally, I prefer the Hills, but some dogs are fussy, so either is good at this stage).

I would ask you to have a read of my articles (linked below). These will give you a background understanding of how kidney disease affects diet and what can be done to counteract it. The second article gives a list of supplements, explaining how some are useful and others are frankly a waste of money.



If you want to read more about why I don't like dry dog food for dogs, have a read of this article I wrote some time ago:


I think that's enough to get you started ... get back to me with any questions you may have. You've come to the right place here. Our members are very supportive, very experienced and very understanding. Welcome to our little family!

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