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I think medication escalated my dogs kidney failure.

My 121/2 year old dog was showing what I thought were old age problems. She loved her food but we were trying to lose a little weight so I’d been feeding special weight management canned food for one daily meal. Was not as keen for big walks as she seemed to be sore afterwards. Was a little disorientated at night and had only had a few wee accidents in 6 months, which was unusual.
Her annual vax was due and my regular vet was denying unvaxed parents so had to find a new vet.
My new vet was mobile so I booked for her usual vaccination. I mentioned the joint soreness so they gave Carprofen to try. Everything went downhill from there. I’ve now realised that I’ve over medicated my beautiful dog into full blown illness. We took her off Carprofen, had antibiotics ( as I was worried she might have had an infection) had fluids for 3 days and started Ipakitin. Things seemed to improve until she was turned off her food by us sneaking meds into it.
For pain the vet suggested a little panadol but I think this was the final straw. After a day she had s violent reaction, vomittting, shaking... I thought she was gone. I made her drink all night. Syringing it in. The next day when I asked family to call to say farewell... she made a miraculous recovery. I’ve been on the yo yo journey for 2 months since.
Raw diet seems to help. I’m just looking for any other suggestions?
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