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My 8 year old ACD diagnosed with CKD.

My name is Alexa, I have an 8 year old heeler is active, seemed healthy, & happy. But that's not the case, on monday 03/29/21 Bo jumped into bed with me that morning which wasn't odd to me but he crawled all the way up to my face which was weird. I thought he needed to go out, before I could open the door the vomit started. My mommy instincts with my dog are spot on, I knew immediately when he got in bed something was wrong. Fast forward a few hours of strange behavior, more vomiting tanking on water, vomiting. Seeming very sensitive in his belly and he just seemed so off. I took him to the vet, it took them 4 hours to find out what was wrong because he seems so healthy. His creatine & BUN are elevated & they took his pee and said the gravity (I have no idea what I'm talking about) was very high which indicated kidney failure. I noticed about 2 months ago increased water intake and peeing, accidents in the house more often when usually it was very rare.  I wish I would have known more so I could have caught it then .. So they decided to keep him over night on IV fluid and meds to get his levels down. First night no vomit, second morning a little drooly but no vomit, 2nd day no vomit and ate a little that they offered him. 3rd day (today) they tested his levels after 2 days on the fluids. It went down but not enough to come home.  He ate all they offered him. They said he seems like hes doing really good considering what's happening.  They still want to keep him tonight for more fluids test his levels tomorrow and hopefully send him home. I have no idea what I'm doing, I ordered from Canine kidney Health 5 leaf botanicals, I know this wont reverse CKD because its irreversible but I figured If it helped those dogs it may help my boy get stronger.. I guess what I am asking is is there hope? I will get his levels tomorrow and post them so you understand more. I have no idea what I'm doing so any advice at all would be so appreciated. Bo is my bestfriend in the world, hes so young still and full of life. I want to hope so bad given all the positives. Thank you in advance..
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How is Bo?
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