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My dog was diagnosed with CKD. Need help on diet and supplements pls.

Hi tony! Im new in this grp and i read a lot of owners posting issues on ckd, but none on dogs with liver issues as well. My 14.5 dacshund was diagnosed with ckd. But the vet did not mention that to me when he started vomiting last month. She said it was due to hepatobilliary disease, which i think is liver and gallbladder disease. They started puting him on antibiotics called co-amoxiclav for about 2 weeks. He started feeling better, came from from the vet and stopped vomiting. Although he was still being forced fed using a syringe. After about 3 days, he started to vomit again and pooped gelo with blood. I again brought him to the vet and they gave him another round of antibiotics to address the bacterial infection they found in his poop after doing a fecalysis. These were his results. Bun 124, Cre 6.9, Ca 11.6, Phos 9.9, Alt 207 (was 619), Alp 213 ( was 315). His rbc was also low so they gave him Epoitin. The vet seems to be losing hope and just recommended comfort and quality of life, but im still determined to fight. With the values mentioned, what is the stage of his kidney failure since my vet did not discuss this with me. Is there something i can do to slow down or manage the progression of ckd instead of addressing symptoms? Thank you and any help/advise will do.
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