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Pogo Chronic Kidney Faliue/ diarrhea and constipation with acid reflux

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Sent by Cdeleon0401 19 minutes
Pogo 14yrs 8lbs chiuhuahua in Renal Failure. I am trying to join the group.  I can see post but no option to join.  I stayed up till 5am reading all your articles on your website. Do you have advice for diahrea/ constipation. Yesterday he ate more than usual. Hamburger meat,  brown rice,  cabbage  (very little) zucchini, chicken heart (in small amount) and a little broccoli. He waa also given a about a table spoon of organic plain yogurt w/ Probiotic added.  He ate this mix in 4 small portions through the day.  Mid afternoon he began squatting but no poop would come out. Then he began scooting all night.  At night he had diahrea 2x this morning 1x his butt is a little raw from the scooting now.  I applied a butt paste for babies.  He is on sub q's 300 cc today is day 4, tomorrow we get new blood work to see if levels dropped. He also has heart disease and is taking Vetmedin 2x a day ( it was 1x for over a year and he did very well) sildenifil 2x (This was also 1x) he was on Lasix 1x for over a year as well but after a recent episode the vet up all heart meds to 2x which had a very negative effect on kidney. After 2 1/2 weeks of the upped dosage his BUN went up by 100 from low 40's. No more lasix  or benzapril. He is eating more in the latter part of the day than the morning, mornings are tough.  He was prescribed omeprzol 2x a day for the stomach but didn't react well when given, he coughed and seemed to have a rough time getting the liquid down.  I am not as wanting to continue with it.  I read your info on this type of med as well. He is drinking water. Please advise.






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Hello. There are complications in trying to treat the two major conditions described in your post. Treating one will invariably adversely affect the other, particularly with the medications which all produce by-product toxins that the kidneys may not be able to filter out. The diarrhoea and constipation are problems, because the former will dehydrate the body and cause the latter - so it might feel like it's constantly swinging from one to the other. Maintaining good hydration should help this, but also adding a little (tiny amount) of pumpkin to your dog's food may also help settle things down. Slippery Elm is another very good natural treatment for these issues. If no good effect results from these then you need to raise this with your vet for more intensive management. Lasix is a real problem for dogs with kidney disease, because it is a diuretic, which means it removes fluid build-up to ease heart conditions - but it then causes dehydration and worsening kidney function. I am pleased your dog is no longer on this medication. Benzapril is actually really good for kidney disease, as it helps widen blood vessels and improves blood flow through the kidneys. However, there may be good reasons your vet has stopped it - but worth asking, as stopping it may be causing a deterioration in the kidney disease. Brown rice is not good for dogs - they cannot digest it. If you are using rice, look for sticky white rice (glutenous white rice), as that is low in phosphorous and easier to digest.
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I apologize for all the extra text in my original post.
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