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My jack russell terrier was in acute kidney failure last month and is now in chronic. Her blood work, off the charts in some areas, has normalised but her urine showed high protein and she has high blood pressure; she is taking enalapril for both of these. She is on Hills KD and has shown improvement in weight gain, appetite, zest for life, her coat looks fantastic. But I can't seem to control her vomiting for more than a few days. I'm fearing she is in end stage kidney disease given some of her other symptoms (shaking/twitching, ammonia breath). I think I'm looking at quality of life care at the moment and am heart broken. Can anyone give me some direction or shared experience on how to deal with this? My vet won't give me Cerenia long term.
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Hi. Ondanestron, which is the generic for Zofran, is a great medicine for dogs that are vomiting. You can purchase it from a human pharmacy (with an RX from your vet) and it is also generally cheaper than Cerenia. It clears the system in 8 - 10 hours and my dogs are generally over the vomiting and ready to eat at that point. Give it a try - talk to your vet.

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