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When to say goodbye?

I’m so glad to have found this group. I am losing my 13 y.o. Mix I am afraid. Have pretty much tried everything. Just looking for any last minute advice. She’s pretty much in the end stage of kidney disease. She will not eat now. It’s very sad to see. Having trouble walking because she is so weak. These fast few days have been the worst. Everything is getting worse that goes along with kidsney disease. She sleeps most of the time. She’s not a good candidate for sc fluids because she has a heart murmur. Although they said could do if was no other option and accepted it may make things worse. She has had twice in vets office but this last time did not do much. She was just Rx Cerenia and it’s not even helping. She’s also on Prilosec and Remeron to help her GI tract and get her eating. But it hasn’t. I’ve made everything for her to eat but nothing. I just bought that Adozyl and the powder that goes with it. I haven’t tried the powder yet because not eating. Even getting hard taking her pills. Don’t know what to do then. I’m so sad. She’s my first dog as an adult and has been so intuitive with everything I’ve gone through. I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t want it to be true but I think her time is coming. The Vet feels if stomach meds do not work then we need to think about you know what. She also in on 2 BP meds. Won’t eat fish oil anymore. Stopped KD food. Any advice? Thanks.
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