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Copd test results please help

I have copd and asthma just had my check up and can't understand
Results am I doing ok quit smoking 4 years ago

fVC pred.2.44 measured 2.31.    % 95
FEV1 pred.2.05 measured 1.60   % 78
FEV1% pred.79 measured 69      % -10
PEF pred. 338 measured 348.     %103
FEF25-75 pred.2.98 measured  0.93. %31
FEF25 pred.5.14 measured 2.70.  %52
FEF50 pred.3.53 measured 1.00  %28
FEF75pred 1.36 measured 0.30. %22
I am 55 female 152 cm 156lb take spriva seretide 500 please help feeling fine

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You made a life-saving, lung-saving decision to quit smoking 4 years ago.  One of the best health decisions you could ever have made.  Don’t ever resume smoking.

The results of this simple spirometry indicate mild obstruction of airflow consistent with asthma or COPD or a combination of the two.  Further pulmonary function testing (the same measures as below but following the administration of a bronchodilator) and measurement of what is called the Diffusing Capacity, would be needed to assess the relative contributions of asthma and COPD.  However, even without additional testing the news is good that your lung function appears to be mildly abnormal and you still have good pulmonary function reserve.  To that extent you are definitely “doing O.K.”.

I suggest you also discuss these results, and my opinion, with your doctor.

Good luck
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Wow I have the same numbers as you with asthma and sleep apnea and my O2 was 86% the other day.  My 112 heart rate seems to be from my heart racing to increase my blood oxygen.  Is there anything else you take or do?  
I was even thinking of moving to a hot, dry climate near water since I heard someone could quit their inhalers after moving.
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Thankyou so much for your reply I will discuss this with my dr I will Never smoke again im currently supporting others trying to quit .again many thanks
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