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Desire to get well


26 yrs/ f
childcare teacher
No smoking
eat, live healthy
workout 2-3 times a wk

2 mths ago i fever for 4 days follow stiff neck, sore throat, coughing & rash.

Dr A, 1st diagnose-- asthma
Med -- inhaler and cough syrup
chested X-ray taken
Dr A, 2nd diagnose -- Pneumonia @ right lung
Med-- 2 wks antibiotics
Review 2 wks later, I stopped coughing but wheezing did not stop, a lot of phlegm in my lower part of my airway. Went to seek Doctor B for 2nd opinion.

Dr B 1st diagnose -- lung infection, phlegm not cleared due to back flow of mucus caused by sensitive nose
med -- a wk antibiotics, cough syrup & antihistamines.
Review a wk later
x-ray taken--lung cleared
still wheeze & cough once awhile.

Dr B 2nd diagnose -- sensitive nose
med --  a different antihistamines and cough syrup.
On 3rd day of taking medication wheeze fade but on the 5th day it came back.

Dr B 3rd diagnose -- same as 2nd
Med -- stronger antihistamines.
immediately fade but same 2 to 3 days later wheeze came back.

Read a medical website, mild wheeze may recover on its own. Stopped medication for 3 weeks.
wheezing sound didn't went off.

Have sneezing problem in the morning after wake up. Problem became worse after this illness, From a few sneezes in the morning to runny nose for almost full day.

1st time wheeze since i started coughing 2 months ago.
Can only be heard by Stethoscope and feel vibration.
wheeze almost 24/7 except for some nights. Worsen when using mouth to breathe, sneeze or cough.
vibration from lung area, throat area or in between.
Doesn't pant nor short of breathe. May trigger cough if breath in too deep and an increased of yawning during the day causing to feel tired easily.

Recently, sudden cough during sleep. wake up by the cough but able to go back to sleep for most of the disturbances.

Please let me know what i can do..... I really wish to recover as soon as possible as i am an active person, being stop to do sport is a torture. Thousand thanks.
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Your description suggests that you had both pneumonia and bronchitis and that the wheezing was due to the bronchitis.  Sometimes with infectious bronchitis, the bronchitis can set off asthma that then persists after the infection is gone.  That is what seems to have happened to your lungs.

You should receive treatment for asthma or, what some people may call, asthmatic bronchitis.  That should involve 2 inhaled medicines and maybe 1 oral medicine.  With that, you should get good relief.

Good luck.
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sounds like you are sleeping with your mouth open, this causes a dry mouth,and throat,
though not sure how to stop that, see your doc he should know how to stop it.

            hope this helps
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