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How many Diaphragm Plications are being done a year in the USA?

Today is 04/07/2012, I had a Diaphragm Plication done on 02/16/2012 and got my life back!  OMG a new me!  I do not use my cane, I walk on a treadmill (for 2 weeks now) 5 times a week and up to 4 miles @ 2.7 MPH.  When I started I could only do a 1/2 mile after surgery. Yep I have my life back now!  Feels darn good to breath!

ONLY one question I have, How many Diaphragm Plications are being done a year in the USA?

Good Luck!!!
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Among thoracic surgical procedures, plication of the diaphragm is not rare.  I was able to find numerous reports of series in the 20-30 range, some with long term follow-up.  With a proper candidate (for this procedure) and a proper selection process, there are many reports of outcomes similar to yours, 5-10 years after surgery.

The key for a patient contemplating this procedure is to first have an evaluation by a (non-surgical) pulmonary specialist to confirm that the indication criteria for this procedure having been met the likelihood of a good outcome is high.  Second, I would seek consultation with a surgeon who has had experience with the procedure and data showing good outcomes.

I am delighted to hear of your good fortune, with this surgery.

Good luck
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