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Mild COPD?

Hello! I am a 48yo male, and I quit smoking about 30 days ago (10-15 cigs a day for about 30 years). I went in for a physical exam, the MD congratulated me for quitting nicotine and gave me a chest x-ray. These are the results, I didn't speak the MD upon getting this info, it was given to me by the nurse. She said this isn't bad. I have a follow-up in about 2 weeks.
I can only guess if the doc didn't call me back then these aren't terrible...not great, but not terrible. But I don't know.
The results were:
"2 views of the chest show the heart is normal in size. No acute infiltrate is seen. Lungs are hyperexpanded suggesting some due to degree of COPD. The costophrenic angles are clear. Bony structure seen are unremarkable. Aorta is mildly tortuous."
Should I get an appointment sooner than 2 weeks? Of course, if this is bad I'll go back ASAP. I have no desire to smoke anymore, and I've started a walk/run regimen. Can I please get a translation? Thanks for any and all help.
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Based solely on the information you have provided, there is no urgency for you to  return to your doctor for follow-up.  You do need to confirm the significance of these findings with that doctor.

The X-ray changes you describe are most consistent with a mild degree of COPD and otherwise normal.  It is your good fortune, after many years of smoking, to have what is essentially a near normal X-ray, with only slight changes of COPD.

Good luck and whatever you do, do not ever resume smoking.
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FDMJM here again,
I should add the past 2-3 days I have been feeling a strange gurgling sensation in my chest, the left side, just below the breast area. A come and go sensation. Usually at night while resting in bed before sleep. Today it was happening mid-late afternoon. It doesn't hurt and the isn't a "sound" to it. But it feels very odd. I've been eating much more fruit and taking Vitamin A supplements. Is this gas or a GI problem?
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