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Please Results and questions COPD

Fvc 69%
Fev1 30%
Fev1/fvc 50%
Pef 26%
Fef 2575 28%
Fef 25  17%
Fef 50 16%
Fef 75 30%
Fivc 50%
Fiv1 35%
Fiv1/fivc 60%

My husband has COPD he was diagnosed with these results in Feb. 2010 and told me just a few days ago. I'm shocked and he said they gave him 2 years. From these results above is this stage 4??? Over the last 60 days major health problems. Swelling hands, sleeps pattern bizarre, chest pressure, neck, shoulder and ARM on right side goes numb sometimes hangs and clubs at the wrist. Short winded just showering. He passed out a few weeks ago and fell from a ladder I took him to the ER only checked his neck but after asking ER doctor to please listen to his heart. Dr said wow he has a severe arrhthymia and said he might need to be on a holter monitor (?) And referred him to a specialist. He won't go nor has taken any of the COPD medicine they prescribed. His chol is 390. He still smokes 2 packs a day. He becomes disoriented and recently started calling our 10 year old Noel but his name is Noah. Pleaded advice.. is he at his end? He won't get any medical treatment and I'm terrified..

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If these results are valid and caused by COPD, it would be Stage III-IV but there is much more to one’s prognosis than such staging.  
The signs and symptoms that have recently characterized your husband’s illness are very worrisome and it is imperative that the cause of these symptoms be determined immediately, as the cause could be acutely life threatening.  In this circumstance my high suspicion is that he may be suffering from oxygen deprivation, elevation of his carbon dioxide level or both and these can seriously impair brain function.

The fact that he refuses offers of therapy may be on the basis of clouded thinking.  You and responsible members of your family may have to arrange for him to be medically evaluated despite his protestations.

The following information was taken directly from the website of Web-MD   http://www.webmd.com/lung/copd/emphysema-stages-and-prognosis?page=2

It will give you some ideas regarding Emphysema Life Expectancy and other Emphysema related statistics:

Available emphysema statistics aren't reliable for individual people seeking their emphysema life expectancy. That said, the higher a person's emphysema staging is, the lower their long-term life expectancy. The GOLD and BODE emphysema staging systems provide slightly different information, summarized as follows:
• More than 80% of people with mild emphysema are alive after four years.
• 60% to 70% of people with moderate emphysema are alive after four years.
• Among people with severe emphysema (FEV1< 35% normal), about 50% are alive after four years.
• People with the worst possible emphysema symptoms (such as inability to walk through the house and severe weight loss) have the shortest emphysema life expectancy.
Remember that emphysema life expectancy varies widely, even between people with the same pulmonary function tests and BODE index scores. Even with the most severe emphysema, the odds of surviving one year are higher than 90%. Your primary doctor or pulmonologist can provide more detailed information.
By far, the most important determinant of emphysema prognosis and emphysema life expectancy is whether someone continues smoking. Quitting smoking is the single most important treatment to improve emphysema life expectancy.

Good luck
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