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What was the reason of my father's death?

My father has COPD and one month ago due to brain stroke (stroke cover his right side) he got paralyses in LHS. Suddenly his COPD attack increases and he put in to artificial ventilation. but within 32 hours he got out of it. After that he lives nicely but every 2-3 days he got spazum and needed to give oxygen supply with bipap. Doctor (Chest Specialist) was always telling that his lungs are weak but not that much which causes frequent spasm. After few days he was absolutely okay but still has paralysis in LHS and we were going to take discharged from the hospital on the next day with wheel chair. But on the same day he felt Acute COPD attack and he took on to artificial ventilation. But next day neurologist said that "His Brain is dead, and he won't be rebound".  On the base of this history I want to ask..
1) What happened to him when he is recovering?
2) What could be the main reason of his death?
3) When all the reports are normal just have Stroke impact in LHS, which was also improving then what actually happed, and he dead?

When Neurologist said he wan't be rebound and artificial respiration was removed his heart had stoped working in few minutes... But still I can not imagine about the cause of his death. when his CT scan of Lungs was normal and there was no cardiac malfunction (because Angiography was done and was normal, there was some uneven blockage but not to put stante) then what was the reason for Stroke - Should it be due to COPD? or due to Stroke?  

Kindy answer my doughts..
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Stroke is a very common cause of paralysis and death.  Even otherwise healthy people can have a stroke.  Stroke is not directly related to the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but brain damage could be worsened when COPD resulted in low oxygen levels.  What you describe suggests that on the day your father was to be discharged, the clot or bleeding in his brain quickly worsened or extended to other parts of his brain, possibly related with a flare-up of his COPD.

The cause of his death was probably a combination of a COPD exacerbation resulting in oxygen deprivation to his brain and other vital organs, and the already extensive brain damage from the stroke.  All of this could occur, without the cause being apparent on the CT scan of his lungs.  It is unlikely that the CT scan was completely normal, without evidence of bad COPD.

You and your family should request a sit-down meeting with one or more of your father's doctors to insist that they provide a complete explanation of what actually took place, just prior to your father's death, and ask that they explain it in language that non-medical people can understand.

You have our sympathy for the loss of your father.
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Thanks You Very much for your answer and Sympathy. I have no words to express my Gratitude. Thanks a lot.
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