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for Dr tinklemen

Hi doc i have been sob for a year I have had a full pft the results are
Fev 1 121%
Fvc.  117%
Fev 1/fvc 85%
Tlc 112%
Rv 97%
Rv/Tlc ratio 86% of predicted
Dlco 116%

I also have had a cardio pulmonary exercise test. I excersised to max heart rate 185 bpm my spo2 stayed at 97% the pulmo giving the test said it was completely normal...

I had a cxr that showed mild hyperinflation otherwise normal..

2 pulmos looked at the cxr and called it unimpressive

During all this time I was given advair then symbicort which did not help my sob at all

My question is do you think with all this lung disease can be ruled out I am
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Jinx you werent giving a full pulmanary function test?
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you would need a ct scan to rule out copd and emphysema.  that is how i was diagnosed.  not at all based on anything else.  suspected through an xray, but definite with a ct
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Thank you doc does it rule out emphysema copd is what I ment to ask
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The PFT results you cite are within the range of predicted normal values but that does not rule out lung disease as a cause of your shortness of breath.  A normal chest X-ray along with normal PFT’s is good news but does not rule out all serious lung diseases.  Unless your physicians deem your shortness of breath to be on the basis of anxiety or other emotional factors,  further investigation is warranted to rule out other lung diseases, for example blood clots to the lungs and/or pulmonary hypertension.  

An exercise study heart rate of 185 is consistent with normal heart function or with the diagnosis of a failing heart, depending upon the amount of work performed during the exercise.  You might want to ask your pulmonologist for his/her interpretation of this test and if any further cardiac testing might be warranted.

It would be reasonable for you to ask of your lung specialist his/her opinion of the cause of your shortness of breath and the consensus of the two colleagues who deemed your X-ray to be “unimpressive.”  

Good luck
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Forgot to mention I am 37 and a former 15 year smoker...
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I am still sob I asked for a ct scan but pulmo said it was not needed....where do I go from here

Thank you...
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