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found a lump

my niece has bronciecstasis and there was a lump found in her lung deep in her lung.  could this be cancer?  what else could it be?
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Without more detailed information, one can only speculate on the nature of the "lump".  Assuming "lump" refers to a mass, it could be a tumor, which is benign or malignant.  With bronchiectasis, it is more likely a localized infection such as is seen with lung abscess.  Assuming that the "lump" was seen on a chest x-ray, the next step to try to determine the nature of it would be a CT scan of the lungs.  At that point, further diagnostic procedures such as CT-guided aspiration or biopsy could be diagnostically helpful.  Depending on its location, the "lump" might also be accessible to bronchoscopy, with cultures and biopsy.

You should address this question to the lung specialist, whose evaluation should be requested by her primary care physician.
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