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lungs stents

Daughter with histoplasmosis.left lung closed due to calcification.right lung closing off also. Has a appointment for lung stents in March. Our son died from histoplasmosis 8 years ago,my husband had part of his lung removed also. At this point the drs say they do not know what else to do. Your opinion? Thanks
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Metal stents have been used for some years, with mixed success, to prevent airway collapse for people with bronchomalacia.  There are complications with such stents that you should discuss these with the doctor who would place the stents.  I could find no report of their use in Histoplasmosis but assume the intent would be to prevent airway collapse from scarring due to the Histoplasmosis, including calcification.

Before agreeing to this, you need to discuss the doctor's experience with stents, for whatever reason, and the degree of risk of worsening or death.  You should also look into the possibility of lung transplantation.

Your family appears to be vulnerable to the most harmful effects of Histoplasmosis.  You should seek genetic counseling, for the benefit of other family members, and should seek expert consultation with physicians, intimately familiar with the disease.  With this history it would appear to be wise for family members to avoid living in areas of endemic Histoplasmosis.
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Thanks for your comments. Sure wish there was a easy answer we have been dealing with histoplasmosis for 22 years as our son was 8 years old.Drs think all 3 family members came in contact with it at the same time but laid dormet in my daughter and husband for years.? We have 2 other childern with no signs nor do I have any signs.Raised no animals.Did live on farms where the kids played in the barns. I have so many mixed feelings on the stents but afraid also not to try them. We know the Dr.has done the stents on histoplasmosis with mixed results.Our son was on the waiting last for double lung heart transplant after 2 years of waiting he got to bad even if he had become top of the list.The dr.doing the stents said he had never heard of a lung transplant in the case of histoplasmosis.The Drs.say that for some reason our family fights the histo to much building up the calcification. I will try to look up the genetis Drs.
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