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recent diagnosis of COPD

Recent diagnosis of COPD, which I agree with. All symptoms in place. Feeling much burning in through back. I know it not back related but my lungs. Also, pain at times in bottom of both lungs. Is this part of COPD?
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Pain is not a symptom of COPD; either burning pain in the back or pain in the bottom of one's lungs.  On occasion, a scar may form between the lung and the surrounding membrane, called the pleura, as in pleurisy.  If the scar breaks it may bleed and that could cause pain, but this rare and not a recurring pain.  You and your doctor should look for another cause than COPD.

Good luck
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Like to add, that my Mother passed away in August 2007. She had Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and was in the end-stage of this terrible lung disease. Momma had a lung transplant 4 mths. before her death. The lung transplant was not successful for her anyway. I have one sibling and he was also diagnosed with COPD approx. 6 mths. ago. My family doctor did 3 breathing tests on me and a chest X-ray. I did not do well on the breathing tests and the doctor said there were changes in my lungs according to the x-ray. I insisted to be referred to a pulmonary specialist. I go this Friday Oct. 19. I've read some good and bad things on the Internet about COPD. I agree with my doctor's diagnosis of COPD. I have known for a good while something was not right with my lungs. But, still want a second opinion and further tests. Admit though I am very afraid. Lung disease hitting the family very hard it seems.      From kaybritches

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