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5 year old, cough every winter since she was born

My daughter is now 5 years old. Every winter (typically from mid October - mid March) she gets this chronic cough.  It sounds like croup (goose cough) but her lungs are always clear.  Normally she will cough so hard that she throws up.  We have been in and out of the doctors office, ER, and ENT.  Still no answer.  She was on Singular for asthma/allergies, she has had Advair, nebulizer with Abutural, and she is often given prometizine with codeine as a cough suppressant (which I really do not like giving to her).  I am so up in arms on what to do for her or what to suggest to our doctor.  The typically happens only during the night hours also, but sometimes it is all day.  It will come and go all winter long.

Please if anyone has any suggestions let me know.  It breaks my heart that my baby has to go through this every year (and has since she was a baby).  I would like to have my doctor look into something, but I need to know where to have him start.  Also, if anyone knows of any natural remedies that would be wonderful also.  I don't like giving my daughter all of these different medications.

Any assistance or suggestions is greatly appreciated.  I apologize about all the medical spelling errors.....
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  Hello - I can tell you much about how to cure it if you so desire, but in short, the main cause is diet.  Namely, sugar and dairy products.  The lungs are the most sensitive organ; like thin tissue paper.  The lungs respond quickly to phlegm.  Phlegm is the body's inability to process certain foods, like sugar and dairy.  I can write much more if you are interested.  Scott.  scottkny@yahoo
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Have you only seen your family doctor or has your little girl been seen by an asthma specialist?  From what I know  an ENT would be the right person to see to determine allergies but unless they had a dual specialty (ie: pulmonary specialist) they wouldn't be able to look at her lung functions. I would definitely ask your family doctor to refer her again.  Night-time cough is very common in kids with asthma.  Kids that have had bronchitis or pneumonia when they were babies or toddlers are more likely to develop asthma as are those who have a relative with asthma or have parents who smoke. Your story sounds very much like what I went through with my youngest daughter. I first noticed the fall cough but brushed it off as just a persistent cough.  Then it progressed to coughing after exertion and if she was laughing too hard.  I finally got my family doctor to refer her to a specialist where they were able to confirm through lung function tests that she does have asthma.  She takes singulair but also takes pulmicort twice a day.  Sometimes just one medication doesn't do the job.  If you want to try changes to her diet do so but find out whether or not she has a condition that needs medication.  If she does have asthma it needs to be diagnosed and controlled...a severe asthma attack is a very scary thing to experience.  Go for a short jog and then plug your nose and try to breathe through a straw...that is a close approximation of an asthma attack.
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There is a product called "transfer factors" , can be ordered www.4tf.com
I cured my chronic bronchitis by taking it . Transfer factors are the same molecules found in mother's milk , they transfer immunity to the baby , it can be safely given to kids . Pls do some research on google . Your daughter has dsyfunction immune system , all allergies are caused by that . I have read many reviews how chronic cough in children has been cured using this product . Take my advice seriously . It is not that expensive and after 3 months let us know the results ! I am confident you will be able to cure her .

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It could have a lot to do with diet. It can also be the enviroment. I needed to get a humidifier from the dry air and it helped. You can get them cheap online. I went to http://ultahealth.net
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I KNEW IT!!! I am interested in hearing more if you haven't already posted it...I will look. Thank You!!!
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Any improvements? We are in same boat.
Have you had any results in your case? I'm going insane because my daughter has an identical story as above and I don't know what to do!
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I know this was 9 years ago and you probably won't see this but my daughter is 5 and has an identical story as yours did!! Nothing and know one is helping!! If you read this please let me know what you did to help her and what it ended up being?? I'm going insane, my poor baby!
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