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Advair/Sprivia Side effects

Is there any history on how long these inhaded drugs (poisons) remain in the body.  I stopped both five days ago and have noticed a marked improvement in joint aches.  Still awaiting improvement to attitude to do things I totally enjoy, have energy to do basic housekeeping, limit naps to one a day instead of most of the day....

My lungs seem to be dispersing copious amounts of mucus...and sinus drainage has slowed.   Without any exertion I can breathe normally...whatever the hell that tis..  I'm wondering if one goes on an Oxygen therapy, do you have to continue it the rest of your life?

Any assistance most appreciated.

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Thanx for your imput on the inhaler NON therapy.  From the warnings provided by the manufacturer, people should be more aware...but who reads that fine print without a magnifying glass..

I'm still off the Sprivia and Advair...but like you keep that instant inhaler at hand.  I've used it but sparingly.

Thanx again for your comments and taking the time to reply.
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I liked your quote without any exertion I can breathe normally...whatever the hell that is. What is normal when you have been short of breath so long. I totally agree. I myself I have COPD as well.

My guess would be if it is day 5 without the inhalers, then they should be out of your system. I too had problems with Advair and Spiriva. I was diagnosed in Oct. 07 with moderate COPD. Was put on Advair, Spiriva and ProAir as my rescue inhaler. After being on the Advair and Spiriva for several months, I began to become ill. Spent the sickest winter of my life, while on these inhalers. Bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy that was so painful for 3 months. I was doing okay before the inhalers. At least not sick all the time. Then, I went off the inhalers. Personally, I said heck with them. And knock on wood, I have been doing pretty good without them. No more constant illness. I still use a rescue inhaler. But, I go for awhile and don't even need the rescue inhaler.

Mizpat, as far as going on oxygen and having to continue it the rest of your life, well I do not have an answer for that question. I wish I did for you. I am up functioning okay. I am not on oxygen therapy yet. Thank God. Sure I am short of breath, but like you, it is now a way of life. So, I understand when you said what is normal anymore.

I too understand the fatigue you are talking about. I push myself and many times I overdo. And it catches up to me real fast.

But, when on the inhalers I myself had constant mucus. Now I do not have all that mucus. If people need their inhalers and they help, then I am all for it. It is a personal choice. As for me, they can keep Advair and Spiriva. Caused me nothing but problems, too.

I hope you continue to feel better.

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