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Breathing, thick mucus and severe pain in right side rib cage

I have been sick for about 7 days, went to doc they gave me prednisone and z pack. the next day my rib cage on right side starting hurting so bad I couldn't hardly breath or move at all. I have coughed a lot and thick mucus keeps coming up and by now the prednisone and antibiotics usually work but not this time. I also keep feeling dizzy and confused to, I was hospitalized with what they thought diverticulitis about 6 months ago but I have not followed up with colonopsity yet due to moving and to busy. I been to ER since doc visit, all they did was give nibulizer treatment and four tablet antibiotics, my right side ribs are still in severe pain and they said they didn't see anything on X-ray. They also told me copd and stop smoking of course which I plan on tomorrow.
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251991 tn?1239299630
Also when I lay down the breathing gets a lot worse and the mucus seems to want to keep coming up
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