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Breathing pain

Over the past few months I have been having terrible chest pains. It is usually when I breath deeply, but sometimes even when I am breathing regularly. It feels very deep in my chest and is pretty consistent. Sometimes at night, my fiance says it feels like I am not breathing at all. I have had a sleep study done and it told me that my heart and lungs were being surpressed, but there were no reasons as to why. They did not diagnose me with Sleep Apnea because I only stopped breathing twice and I believe it is supposed to be a five,

I am a 21 year old female and finishing up school. I have more fatigue then my 85 year old grandmother. As well as some bone pain. Why are all of my test results showing negative results?  I am going back to my normal physician over break for a check up, but are there any alternatives to this chronic pain until  my next visit?

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I am pleased that you plan on seeing your family physician soon.  Make sure that he/she gets copies of your sleep study and any other tests.  I am not a doctor, but with you finishing school it sounds as if you might have a lot of stress.  I used to hate hearing that from my doctor because it seemed like they were saying, I don't know, it is probably stress.  I was diagnosed two years ago with emphysema and I am amazed at how I can actually feel how stress affects me now.  It is a very powerful thing and can manifest in many ways.  Also, I would urge you not to rule out depression.   Can make you feel very fatigued.  Good luck to you and hope you get to the bottom of this.  
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You really should get a CT scan with contrast to rule out pulmonary embolism(blood clots in the lungs).  This is a real possibility, especially if you're on birth control pills.  Please do a google or yahoo search and check out the symptoms.

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