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COPD and Flovent 110


I am a 42yr old male that was diagnosed with COPD abut 3yrs ago.  Its a mild case of COPD and was prescribed Combivent as needed, I recently started having a burning in my left side lung,  my pulmonologist felt it was acid reflux, I had no other acid reflux symptoms besides the burning throughout the day. I became ill feeling and felt I had the flu and went into the ER where the prescribed Azithromycin and Prednisone I was reluctant to take them as I do not take medicine unless its absolutely necessary, Not even a Tylenol.  I did take it and felt fantastic that day and the burning went away while on the 4 day treatment of medication , the burning sensation returned after the 4 day medicine treatment. My Pulmonologist was surprised I acted so well with the Prednisone and suspected I may have Asthma as well and prescribed Flovent 110 daily, I am super concerned of the longterm use as I know steroids can really do a number on your body, I am concerned I will get sicker easier as I know they weaken your immune system and or getting a lung infection , I also have a fatty liver with slightly abnormal liver functions and Kidney function where my kidney's over works (Renal doc explained it that way to me) and a slow heart beat 46+ average at rest (Have been tested multiply times by cardiologist and he cannot find a cause and says heart is healthy and not to be concerned) so also very concerned what taking Flovent everyday could make these problems worse.
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