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COPD vs Histoplasmosis

How do you get  a Lung Dr & GP to listen to you?  They just blow me off saying I have COPD because I smoke, however in Jan 2011 thru a CAT scan and Feb 2011 thru bronscopy the 3.5 inch mass on my upper right lobe revealed candia fungus.  I was treated with fungal med for 3 days and thats it.  I had severe shortness of breath suddenly since 2008 and foreward.  I researched ratically changed my diet to follow the candia diet.  Did great for months then all started over again Aug 2011 after being treated 2 tiimes with antibodics & presidone the 3rd trip landed me in hospita Sept 3-7.  I've notice as long as I take antibodics & presidone I'm fine however this last round I noticed my reoccurrance time was much shorter.  Like a few days after the round was completed.  I have not feel good since coming out of hospital this last month.  I requested copies of my hospital reports and noticed my white blood count was highe 17.8 when I left than when it was when I went in 12.8.. .I cant live on antibodics & presidone.  I have times more worse than normal.  I used nebulizer, inhalers, oxygen at night and still have the issues.  After looking at this symptoms page I am so convinced ther histoplasmosis is the problem.  Esp since 2008 an x ray note a 5mm granuloma on my left lung again on 2009, 1mm in 2010 and 9-2011-7mm...from studing causes its a fungal infestion I lived in a house and moved in 1999 that the attic was infested with bats and there was no removal.  So since 2008 to now the candia fungus is noted as the mass in my righ uppler lobe.  I've even thought at time I had meningitis but Drs say no.  Help!!!!!
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