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Chronic cold & Cough

I have been suffering from cold & cough all year round for years now.I have tried almost every medicine,alopathy,homeopathy,ayurwed,etc.but to no avail.Its just the degree of problem goes less.But is not cured.I have itchy nose,throat,watery eyes,cough always,nose blocked at night,etc. Can anyone suggest anything?
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It sounds more like allergies than a cold, maybe even chronic sinusitis. I would get allergy testing done and try antihistamines instead of cold meds. Vitamin C with Quercitin and bromelain are great natural antihistamines, I prefer liquid natural treatments. Hope this helps.
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I totally agree with Sherah1. It certainly does sound like allergies or chronic sinus problems. I live in the Ohio Valley and it is allergy capital of the nation. I have the itchy nose, sneezing, watery itchy eyes, etc. that you have mentioned. I have COPD too, but also suffer with allergies and sinus problems. You in no way have COPD thank goodness. Just a real bad case of allergies or sinus problems. Which can be very aggrevating and miserable as well I know. Do as Sherah1 suggests on getting allergy tested and try the remedies she mentioned. Hope you get to feeling much better real soon.
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Thank you soo very much to both of you.I shall definitely try them.
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