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Could this be Valley Fever

My symptoms seem very much like the first entry on this post. I had no cold or any cough when I first noticed coughing up clear sudsy mucus the spring of 09. Every morning I would cough up a good tablespoon. The mucus has no smell or color. Some times when I would go to speak to I would first have to clear my throat or I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t sing in the church choir which I have been doing for 30 years. I also would get a tickle in my throat and cough until red faced with nothing else to cough up. The problem would almost go away but even a speck of the stuff would cause me to cough during the day and then the again the table spoon full in the morning. Then smoke filled air came in from the fires in California and right away this mucus turned to green and I called my PA at the VA and got a penicillin type drug which eventually turned my fever off and the green slime to clear sudsy mucus. Then a few more months went by and I got another infection without a fever but night sweats and turned the mucus to green again. I didn’t call the doctor but just put up with it and it was going away after a month about the time of my routine VA check up. I told my PA and he had me take the blood oxygen test and sputum test and testing my blood for allergies. My night time blood oxygen test was below normal so I now have oxygen at night. Hurt my feelings to have to have oxygen, I'm 61 but I am working my own business daily and very active. The first night I used the oxygen I didn’t have any mucus in the morning. That same day later in the morning I laid down and fell asleep for 2 hours without oxygen and there was that table spoon of clear mucus, actually it is a bit yellow looking today. I'm taking a allergy cold tablet, a muscenix type tablet and a penicillin type medication. My PA during my visit said it might be Valley Fever which is a known problem in California and Arizona. I live on the western slope of Colorado. I was in California 2.5 years ago. Supposedly it can be dormant for 20 years in your system. This would be a fungus type of infection. My PA said that my sputum showed a growth that should be able to be cured with this amoxicillin that I'm taking. As in the first post on this community it was the first time that I saw the same symptoms that I have had. I have had the mucus also getworse right after I eat. I rambled a bit here but if this can relate to someone who could help. I noticed the post above was clear back in 2007.

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i got into a terrable dirt bike accident four years aggo and have these same simtomes. was told it was the vegas nurve. after reading this i know now diferant! this is so unlike me never smoked pretty mutch health nut now plegged whith embarrasing randome cough outbursts.
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