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Emphysema depression

Been told I have Emphysema by a doctor after my lung collapsed on New Years eve. Only He never followed through with testing etc. I have quit smoking for a month minus a few in hales here and there to get over the big withdrawels but am just out of breath and  feel so scared. Everyone has vanished now that i am sick. Anyway I have found this forum and so many good people here. I mean I guess i really don't have a question just looking for emotional support and folks to talk to about it. Thank you
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thats the worse thing about being ill innit, people just dont know what to say , I too was diagnosed with emphysema a few days back but mine dosnt sound as serious as yours ...yet.. I used to smoke cannabis , and oh how I regret it now , how old are you ? I have no faith in human nature, never really have had ... all I can say is that I hope you dont suffer too much , I think that if I get to end stage I will end it myself
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Hi Pete,  I was very happy to hear from you thank you.  I am not on oxegen. And a test will be done on me soon where you breath into that plastic thingy to see what stage you are in.  Quiting smoking and following a good diet and all that is what i am doing. I don't know what stage i am in.  some people live for years with it. Some people don't no matter what they do. They don't know. Is what it is. I am 58. i have inhalers. am doing breathing excersizes.  keeping a positive outlook. It doesn't feel well but i try to make the best of it. Don't you smoke any pot or cigarettes. You can live years and years with it. You have to take care of yourself. It isn't a death sentence .
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