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Flu Shot! Did you get yours!

I went to Wallgreens yesterday and got my flu shot. It was 24.99 which is kinda expensive but!  No sick people like you get if you go to the doctors office! No wait time! And, no office visit or co pay!

I also found out that sugar, yes sugar, depresses the immune system! Am I the only one that did not know that? The more I learn the more I feel defeated.  I just quit smoking cold turkey 18 days ago and guess what I turned to? You got it! Jelly beans!

As I understand it, keeping well and not getting sick is the key to living a long life with this disease as well as a good exercise progaram and quitting smoking!  So, I goes to the health food store and I gets the following:  Vit D 2000, Vitamin C with flavenoids 1000, cod liver oil, and a dietery supplement for wellness made by biochem!  NOW after spending all that money to stay well, I learn that sugar will keep my immune system depressed even if I take those supplements!  I am totally depressed!
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I have my appt for my flu and pneumonia shot this tuesday......its at my Drs office but they normally schedule them when there is no other patients in.  Luckily my Dr is new in our area and so she doesn't have anyone waiting in her waiting room.  She also doesnt schedule patients on top of each other.  

I agree with you on needing the Vitamin D.....I know people like me with Fibromyalgia need extra and now with this I really need extra.  

If sugar is gonna depress my immune system Im officially done in for lol
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I know right!!!! Now Im craving my jelly beans! lol
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got a appt tuseday at krogers  for both shots....
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yes got both tuseday....
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